#AskAPharmacist: Why Take Blood Pressure Meds?

Hello my name is Rosemary Killeen and I’m
a practicing pharmacist with a focus on osteoporosis and women’s health. I’m also the director
of distance education and continuing professional development here at the University of Waterloo
School of Pharmacy. Today I’m here to answer a few of your questions. Why do I need to take this medicine for high
blood pressure all the time when it doesn’t make me feel any different? High blood pressure is actually very a common
condition and many people who have it don’t know it because it doesn’t always have any
noticeable symptoms. Unfortunately high blood pressure that’s not treated can cause strokes,
heart attacks, heart failure, kidney damage as well as eye problems. Often the first recommendation is to make
lifestyle changes like improving your diet if possible to include more fruits and vegetables,
whole grains and lower your sodium or salt intake. And also if possible, increase your
exercise and activity patterns. Both of those things can help reduce high blood pressure. Also you may be prescribed medications, and
if so it’s important you take it every day, as prescribed even if you don’t feel any differently
it is important to reduce the change that your high blood pressure is going to cause
those long term complications. Having your blood pressure checked by your
pharmacist, doctor, or nurse or monitoring it at home yourself is really the best way
to know if your blood pressure is controlled. If you’re having trouble remembering to take
your medication or finding it difficult to incorporate into your daily routine, talk
to your pharmacist about the best way to make that medicine easy for you to take.

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