97 thoughts on “Dr. Jason – Extreme Tailbone Pain”

  1. I know people are complaining about how she's dressed, but she could be in her way home from work or an event, or on her way to something. Most people don't clear their whole day for an appointment, and most people aren't dressing up just for their chiropractor, and don't have time to worry about doing a wardrobe before an appointment. I think if my dr was treating me like a piece of meat because of how I was dressed, I'd lose all faith in my dr being professional. She could be in a bikini and it would still be normal to treat her professionally rather than as an object 🙄

  2. Quote by Dr Jason, "Professionalism surpasses everything irrespective of the type of appearances displayed during treatment"

  3. I’ve seen his videos before. He sure is professional and great at his job. On that note, whoever is doing his edits and thumbnails sure knows how to bring in the views. Lol

  4. Now this is what you call Wifey material and fantasy, I'm 100% sure she is absolutely crazy, because if she is not, then she is perfect

  5. This adjustment was a thing of absolute beauty. You can start a new race with a woman built like that amazing how that was her adjustment attire

  6. The real picture that the audience is forgetting and that is the pain that his patient had before her visit and professionalism,dedication,conviction and years of practice that Dr.Jason displays too alleviate that discomfort and give that patient, a pain free day!👍🏼

  7. She's beautiful. Ave Maria! Nice. Wished I would have discovered Chiropractic in my youth. High heel shoes are responsible for many back problems.

  8. It bears pointing out that USUALLY he sees fat old guys like me and not adorable babes like her, lest we should all want to be him. Just saying.😉

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