Risk Factors of Osteoporosis

Did you know that one-quarter of all
American women aged 65 or older suffer from osteoporosis about 6% of men in the
same age group had the disease according to the Centers for Disease Control, so
Dr. Sharma, we were talking about how the disease even though we’re stating 65 or
older it can’t start earlier?>Yes, yes it can start at a younger age for certain
high-risk groups.>Okay and let’s talk about maybe some signs of osteoporosis
and maybe getting screened for the disease, so some risks… There are risks so
let’s show that to our viewers so they can get an idea… Being a over the age of
50.>Right which is you know close to the average age of menopause that’s where
that number is derived from it’s not a hard rule at 50 but close to the
menopause age.>This is a no brainer, being female.>Yes so it is more common to
see osteoporosis in females over males however there are men who have
osteoporosis it’s just usually at a later age and less common but a lot of
men mistakenly think that osteoporosis is a woman’s disease and it is not
some men are affected as well.>Good to note menopause we talked about that
before the break a little bit that obviously is a factor, family
history of osteoporosis.>Yes if you have a first-degree family member who had
osteoporosis then it’s something that you should discuss as earlier screening.
>Low body weight being small and thin oh dear you concern concern my light bulb
just went off.>That’s right a small thin body frame or habitus as we call it as a
risk for osteoporosis because if you’re thinking about the underlying physiology
which has to do with bone density being thin framed could suggest for lesser
density to start with.>Look at that broken bones or height loss.>That’s right
so as we were discussing in our first segment if you have a fracture after age
50 we do need to discuss screening for the health of our bones
and then height loss in the spine as we mentioned could be an early sign of
osteoporosis.>And last not getting enough calcium and vitamin D we hear that a lot.
>Yes and that is tied into a lot of different factors it can result from
poor diet it can result from certain disorders where there’s malabsorption or
poor nutrition absorption.

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