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Hello people this is the channel controlling diabetes and today we’re going to talk about type 1 diabetes let’s talk about what it is, its causes and solutions for those with the disease come on What is type 1 diabetes? type 1 diabetes is characterized by little or no production of insulin in the body, substance this responsible for transforming glucose molecules that enter our body in energy, which causes an accumulation of glucose in our current bloodthirsty But what are the causes of type 1 diabetes? the causes of type 1 diabetes are not yet known, this disease is responsible for 10% of all diabetics in the world but it is believed that some of the factors that cause type 1 diabetes are, Heredity genetics, the use of some chemicals and even contact with some types of viruses But what are the solutions for those with type 1 diabetes? first having a good diet is indispensable the practice of physical exercises also greatly help diabetic people and last but not least the utilization in insulin Guys this is the channel controlling diabetes and this was our video talking about type 1 diabetes If you liked the video leave the thumbs up and subscribe to stay on top of all the news of the new channel, until the next

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