how to lower sugar fast and control
the diabetes today there are many people who
they have high levels of sugar in the blood due to poor diet and have elevated glucose levels
in the blood they cause to suffer from pre diabetes or diabetes we can prevent
diabetes if we are aware of control our weight and lower the
sugar consumption since we are not aware of consuming it in excess
you also suffer from high sugar for inheritance due to our genes that we
leads to the tendency to suffer certain diseases today I will share with you a
incredibly effective tea with which you can control sugar levels
in the blood in a completely natural
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comments related to this video i will leave you a heart to prepare this tea you need three
ingredients or products that you can find virtually anywhere
supermarket and it’s really easy To prepare
later I will tell you how prepare it but so you can see the
why is it so effective let’s talk briefly about
health benefits that each of its ingredients offer number 1 celery
Celery has been used for a long time as an effective treatment to treat
diabetes and that efficacy is due to essential nutrients found
on that floor these nutrients include folate
manganese potassium riboflavin vitamin b6 calcium phosphorus magnesium vitamin a
vitamin c vitamin k among others this vegetable is low content
caloric with high fiber content and therefore it can contribute to the
weight loss while at the same time improves sensitivity to
insulin also helps reduce cholesterol levels and reduces acidity
general body cabbage number 2 for many people and for different
reasons the cabbage doesn’t necessarily will find inside the vegetables
favorites however if you are diabetic or
diabetic then this is a vegetable that should always be included in your
food list since it can do wonders to treat diabetes
naturally within its health benefits
the following are found control blood sugar
this vegetable has a lot of antioxidant properties and
antihypertensives to lower sugar in the blood and keep it at levels
appropriate help to lose weight
cabbage is low in calories high in fiber content and has an index
very low glycemic with a range of 10 so it becomes a vegetable
ideal for people suffering from diabetes
on the other hand it improves the functions kidney how to achieve this
when a diabetic has the levels of extremely high blood sugar
the kidneys try to get rid of extra sugar eliminating the through
the urine this leads to excessive loss of
body fluids giving as dehydration result what does
the blood becomes thicker and further increase sugar levels in
the same as a consequence the kidneys are
it makes it harder to rectify That is the reason why
diabetics are more prone to failures kidney and since cabbage or cabbage
can help maintain the level of blood sugar under control at
same time helps keep renal functions working
properly number 3 tender onion which offers great benefits for
health thanks to the large amount of mineral vitamins and compounds
natural that contain some of the benefits they offer are the
following its chrome content provides
health benefits of diabetics controlling the levels of
blood sugar and improving the glucose tolerance It is good to accelerate circulation
blood reduces the levels of cholesterol and reduces the risk of
coronary heart disease the pectin it contains reduces the
chances of developing cancer especially colon cancer
its sulfur compounds help reduce and control the levels of the
blood pressure its antibacterial properties help
fight cold and flu and they help digestion
its quercetin content provides anti-inflammatory benefits and
antibiotics making it a good vegetable to treat arthritis and the
asthma and finally it is also rich in vitamin
c and allicin content is very good for the skin as it protects against
wrinkles since we know all three ingredients we need to
prepare this tea and the benefits to the health that each of them offers
I will teach you how to prepare it ingredients
5 cabbage leaves a liter of water a celery stalk two young onions by way of preparation we boil the liter of water and the now that the water is boiling
add the cabbage leaves celery stalk and the two young onions including the
stem let it boil for about 10 minutes After 10 minutes we put out the fire
and cover and let stand until be warm consumption mode this tea is taken 3 to 4 cups a day
This tea has no time limit for use you can take it as long as you like or
until you get the desired results something to consider both with this
Like any other remedy to get off sugar is that it is very important that
monitors glucose levels for that you are not going to lower the
sugar levels this is even more important if you are also taking
diabetes medications we have reached the end of this edition
of easy remedies 24 for today We say goodbye not before inviting you to
tell us in the comments yes did you know this way to lower the
sugar levels and control the diabetes quickly if you have arrived
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