11 days of my recovery progress after a trimalleolar ankle fracture

Hello. Today I want to share the recovery
progress of my broken ankle in 11 days after being partial weight bearing. I
broke my ankle while bouldering eight weeks ago and had an open reduction
internal fixation surgery. This is what my ankle looked like after the surgery. I
have been 100% no weight bearing for six weeks, then I was told
that I could walk with partial weight bearing. Please note that this video
should not be used for education and instruction purposes, and you should
always seek medical advice from your doctor. Okay, let’s start! On day 1, walking
was weird I was taking it really slowly because everything felt so unstable. I was told by the physio in the hospital
that I should be walking on bare feet at home, just to practice my walking without
the moon boot. So I have been doing that at home, but every time when I took a
step, my heel hurt. I got used to my moon boot pretty quickly so I was walking much better on day 2. The only annoying thing was the height
difference caused by the moon boot. Although the physio said I should be walking
with two crutches, I tried walking with one crutch because
I knew that eventually I would need to anyway, and I was being very ambitious. Again when I walked on bare feet, my heel hurt. On day three I went to work with one
crutch and it was great. I got used to it and I could walk around in my moon boot. I work on bare feet a lot when I was at home, just to make sure I was not relying too much on the moon boot. Day 3 was also the first day I tried
walking by myself, and it was like the first time in seven
weeks. By day 4 I already got used to just
walking with one crutch, however as you can see, my posture was
not great. I was lending a lot to my left side and that actually caused a fair bit
of pain to my upper right body. I’m actually seeing a physio to fix that
right now Day 4 was also the first day I tried
walking by myself without a moon boot. It was fairly unstable so I was just doing
it for a short period of time. By day 5, I no longer needed my crutch when I have my moon boot on. I was walking fairly quickly. However, when I didn’t have my moon boot, I still need my crutch for support and balance. On day 6. I was walking better without a moon boot, and I was not relying on the crutch as much as I did. Also it became easier to walk without
any assistance. However since my ankle was so stiff, it was a bit difficult to keep my balance. I didn’t make much progress on day 7
on day 8. I think the only difference was the speed of walking. I was able to
walk a bit quicker every day. As you can see, when I was using my crutch, my body was leaning a lot to the left
side, and that was pretty uncomfortable. On day 9, I went to the physio and
I told them about the pain in my heel, they said it was due to the muscle loss in my right leg and right foot. They recommended me to start practice
walking in sneakers. It was actually a really helpful advice
because when I was walking in sneakers, I no longer felt the pain in my heel
and I could walk in a normal way. Since I practiced walking a lot on day
9, I could walk much better on day 10. I could walk really quickly, and I
did not feel like I was going to fall. On day 11 I’d say I could work like a
normal person. I could walk upstairs without any assistance, but not when I
was going downstairs. After practicing walking in shoes for
two days. I actually didn’t feel the pain in my heel as much as I used to. And these were the 11 days after me being partial and full weight bearing. I hope this video will help someone who is going to or just had an ankle surgery, knowing that you are not alone in this
recovery journey. Please feel free to leave your comments if you have any
questions about my recovery progress or if you want to get an update on how my
ankle is doing. See ya!

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