15 Things You Didn’t Know About Cristiano Ronaldo!

There are very few soccer fans who don’t
know about the infamous Cristiano Ronaldo, who is arguably the world’s best footballer. Today, we’re going to talk about some things
that you might not know about Cristiano Ronaldo. 15. Rumor Has It When Cristiano Ronaldo was just a boy, he
and his best friend Albert Fantrau were neck and neck in everything they did. When it came down to who would get into the
academy, whomever scored the most goals would gain entry. Ronaldo and Fantrau were tied 1-1, and the
goal was best of three. Fantrau was lined up to take the final shot,
but passed to Ronaldo instead, allowing him to score the final goal and giving him the
push he needed to rise to stardom. When interviewed about that day, Fantrau said
that he did it because Ronaldo was better than him. Sounds too good to be true right? Because it is. It’s a fabricated story with an unknown
origin. There was an unknown man that Ronaldo was
hugging after his victory at UEFA Champions League who was thought to be this mysterious
Fantrau. In actuality, it was his brother Hugo Aveiro. 14. Insta-Famous There are a ton of influencers on Instagram,
but none so influential as Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the highest paid Instagram influencer
in the world. Dominating over even Kylie Jenner! With his Nike endorsement and other companies,
Ronaldo pulled in over $47.8 million USD just in the last year just from his Instagram posts. He also holds the most followers on the platform
at about 186 million. Second place? Ariana Grande with almost 20 million fewer
followers. 13. Famous Name Did you know Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t his
full name? His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos
Aveiro. But what’s even more interesting is the
origin of his name, Ronaldo. His father loved the former U.S. President
Ronald Regan so much that he named his son after him. Not because he liked the former President’s
policies, but because of his movie star career. That’s right, if you didn’t know, now
you know, President Ronald Regan used to be a movie star. 12. Heart Problems When Ronaldo was a teenager, he was diagnosed
with a condition called “racing heart” which causes severe heart palpitations while
at rest. This disorder could have been fatal for the
young boy, so the family scheduled a surgery for him. The laser surgery was a success and he was
discharged the same day. After a few days of recovery, Ronaldo was
back on the pitch for practice. 11. Tax Evasion In 2017, the Spanish government accused Ronaldo
of tax evasion, saying that he hid his image-rights income from 2011-2014. The amount the Spanish government accused
him of dodging was upwards of $16.5 million. In 2018 he accepted a suspended two-year prison
sentence and agreed to pay $21.8 million to settle the case. According to Spanish law, you can suspend
a prison sentence if it’s two years or less, provided the offender doesn’t have any previous
criminal offences and doesn’t commit another criminal offence within the suspension time
frame. 10. Generocity Some people say it’s because of his heart
condition that Ronaldo is such a giving person, but he says he’s always been that way. Either way, Ronaldo is well known for his
acts of charity. He sold his “Golden Boot” award, which
is bestowed upon the top goalscorer of the FIFA World Cup, to help fund schools in Gaza. The award was sold in an auction for 1.5 million
Euros, all of which went to the cause. But this isn’t the first time that Ronaldo
has donated to charity. In 2016, he made a generous donation to the
“Save the Children” Foundation, 5 million pounds to aid the effort in Nepal following
the earthquake, paid for a brain operation for a 10 month old baby in 2014, paid for
the cancer treatment of a 9 year old boy – and many, many others. He is also a devout blood donor and gives
whenever he can. 9. A-head of the Game Ronaldo is a world class player, and has the
confidence to back it up. He’s an aerial specialist and will keep
the ball off of the ground as much as possible. Whether it’s a scissor kick, or a header,
Ronaldo is there with some flair. So far in his career, Ronaldo has made 123
goals, with just his head! 65 of those were while he was playing for
Real Madrid. A header is a goal that is scored by using
the head instead of the feet. In soccer, a player cannot use their hands,
unless they’re a goalkeeper. So a header is a fantastic way to keep the
ball above other player’s heads while giving the player attempting to score an opportunity
to do just that. 8. Strength Beyond Ronaldo’s speed kick, his trademark, can
reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. When he was younger, Ronaldo would use ankle
weights while he practiced. This made him stronger, faster, and more accurate. His vertical jump pulls 5 G’s, or the force
of gravity on the human body, the same force an astronaut goes through at takeoff. This same force allows him to jump 78 cm,
or 2 and a half feet. That’s more than the average NBA basketball
player. Some sources say that Ronaldo does upwards
of 3,000 ab exercises a day. Another source has Ronaldo quoted saying that
number is an exaggerated figure. A minor warning though, with explosive kicks
like Ronaldo has, you might want to forgo the seat behind the goal. Some sources say that unfortunate and unsuspecting
fans have suffered injuries like broken noses and fractured wrists when Ronaldo misses his
goal attempts. 7. CR7 Manchester United was the first team to give
Ronaldo the number 7 which came with some pretty big shoes to fill. Other than himself, George Best, Bryan Robson,
Eric Cantona, and David Beckham all sported the lucky number. Deriving from his initials and jersey number,
Ronaldo has added a branded clothing store to his list of wealth achievements. From his official website, Ronaldo’s brand
CR7, sells underwear, shoes, jeans, men’s bags, and cologne. The brand has storefronts in Portugal, which
is run by his sisters, Madrid, Vietnam, and Egypt. When Juventus listed Ronaldo’s jersey, over
520 thousand sold within 24 hours, equating to about $62.4 million or about half the player’s
transfer fee. 6. Family Man When Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t dominating
on the pitch, or modeling, or endorsing products, Ronaldo is a family man. He has four children, and he couldn’t be
happier. He has said that being a father is the greatest
privilege he’s ever had. He and his long time girlfriend, Georgina
Rodriguez, are happily raising their family together. Ronaldo says his oldest son, Cristiano Jr.,
can’t stop playing football. Just like his father, Cristiano Jr. is constantly
playing and will hardly sit still long enough to eat dinner. I guess it runs in the family. 5. Record Breaker Ronaldo is the winner of the Ballon d’Or footballer
of the year award five times (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017), and the first to win
the European Golden Shoe four times (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2014). He has scored 700 senior career goals for
club and country, and holds the record for most goals in the UEFA Champions League at
127, the UEFA European Championship with 9, FIFA World Cup at 7, and the UEFA Nations
League Finals with three. He also has the most goals in the UEFA Champions
League season with 17. All in all he had won over 300 trophies and
medals by May 2019 – some of them dating back to his childhood. 4. Statues In March 2017, self-taught sculptor Emanuel
Santos unveiled a bronze bust of Ronaldo at the airport in Ronaldo’s hometown of Madeira,
Portugal. The statue has gained some notoriety for its
sinister smile and not really looking like the famous footballer. One year later, the sculptor was commissioned
to make a second statue, which was a full body sculpt, and much more accurate. It resides outside the local airport. Though, this statue also has gained a bit
of notoriety but for a very different reason. When questioned about his first sculpture,
Santos says he is proud of his work and if he had the chance, he would do it exactly
the same as before. 3. CR7 101 A super fan of Ronaldo named Luis LM Aguiar,
created and teaches a sociology course on the Footballer’s life. The University of British Columbia Okanagan’s
Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences will host this course as a fourth-year module. The course won’t be focusing on his fame,
instead, students will use his international persona to examine how social phenomenon,
such as the international game of football, can be used to construct identity and nationality. 2. Rags to Riches Cristiano Ronaldo, the youngest of four, started
playing football in a seaside town in Madeira, Portugal. His father was a groundskeeper for the local
football pitch, and his mother cooked and cleaned houses to help provide for her family. At the age of 12, his family moved to Lisbon,
the capital of Portugal. He was a hometown hero in the Junior league,
he began his Senior career with Sporting CP, and was scouted by Manchester united shortly
after he turned 18. He became the Highest paid footballer for
his age with a signing contract of $21.6 million. He then transferred to Real Madrid in 2009
for a $107 million transfer fee. And currently, he is playing for the Italian
team, Juventus FC for a transfer fee of $133 million. Speaking of pay scales, Ronaldo is also one
of the highest paid footballers in the league. According to Forbes, his salary for 2019 was
roughly $64 million! The only person to get paid more was his rival,
Lional Messi who’s salary for 2019 was a whopping $92 million! 1. Bullied Madeira is closer to Africa than mainland
Portugal and has a different dialect than the standard Portuguese. Because of that, Ronaldo was bullied in school
not just by his schoolmates but also by his teacher. In fact, he was so angry once that he threw
a chair at his teacher. When asked why he threw it, Ronaldo answered
that the teacher had disrespected him. Instead of being punished, his mother told
him to focus on his football career. So he did just that, and now he’s one of
the best players of the game of all time. Have you ever watched Cristiano Ronaldo play? Which fact surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below, and as
always, thanks for watching!

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