hello and welcome back to til vacuum do
us part and welcome to my 2020 clean and decorate with me for Valentine’s Day. I’m
so excited for this video so I’m ready to get all my decor up so if you’re new
here definitely subscribe by hitting that red button down below and let’s get
straight into today’s video. Okay so I don’t love a lot of clutter or stuff
so holidays are kind of hard for me I always love like all the holiday decor
at first, but it doesn’t last long. So I’ve learned if I like deep clean the
space first where it’s just like nice and crisp and new my decor stays up
longer. So I’m gonna start off in my dining room I’m gonna get this space all
nice and clean before I do the decorating now I’m gonna work on vacuuming my
upholstered chairs I really don’t think I’ve done this in a really long time I
will say my upholstered chairs stay so much cleaner than I would expect them to
is they’re like a light gray but there were some crumbs on them so I thought I
would go ahead and give them a vacuum if you’re new here the sound of a vacuum
makes my dogs go crazy so you’re gonna be watching them a lot throughout this
video so anytime I’m doing a deeper clean I
like to go ahead and just pull those chairs out my vacuum can go like under
the legs and in between but I just feel like it misses parts so every once in a
while I like to just pull all the chairs off of it and give that rug just a good
vacuum since we do eat over there okay so George is a puppy if you can tell if
you’ve been around for a while you’ll know he was not this big when we got him
he has just grown so much lately I keep calling him like Clifford the Big Red
Dog I don’t know if he’s gonna stop okay now I’m gonna go ahead and put all
the chairs back and you can see George is being a very good assistant and
helping me and then once I get those back I’m gonna start decorating the
dining room okay
nothing ever lasts in my house I always just redecorate I love change but for
some reason I’ve never gotten rid of these shutters and I know they’re more
farm healthy but every time I go to get rid of them it just makes me sad because
it’s so great for holidays for like Christmas I put my Christmas cards up
there and then every holiday I can get a cute little banner and put it up there
so I just love decorating them I’m sure I’ll get rid of it one day but until
then I’m just really enjoying them plus it’s just a big space to fill
but this banner I picked up from Ross and I want to say it was like $7.99 but
I felt like that was a pretty good deal okay and then I did pick up this little
heart pillow from HomeGoods it was $12.99 I think it turned out
really cute if you guys are new here you’re gonna see I don’t put a ton out I
definitely am a believer that less is more that’s how I decorate my house but
I love to add just a few fun touches just because I have a ten-year-old
daughter and she does love decorating for the holidays so I feel like this is
the perfect balance for us and now I’m gonna start in my kitchen so I’m just
gonna start off by putting everything in its home before I start cleaning so now I’m gonna go ahead and work on
all my stainless steel so I’m gonna start with my refridgerator and then
make my way around I’m really good about keeping up with my kitchen and keeping
it clean I wipe down my countertops like multiple times a day but I’m bad about
wiping down my stainless I guess I just got out of the routine and I happen to
notice it the last couple days and was like oh my goodness I’ve got to get that
clean so I’m gonna focus on it just wiping all those appliances down so
they’re nice and shiny again and just don’t have fingerprints all over them I know a lot of you will want to know
what I’m using to clean my stainless still I feel like any a granite counter
cleaner or any like window cleaner works so well on stainless they do make very
specific like stainless steel cleaners and those work great too but if you have
just like a bottle of Windex or some type of like granite top cleaner I swear
it’ll work great all those fingerprints will be gone so I
use anything along the slide the next areas that I’ve been needing to
work on are my blinds and this is another area that I just realized were
so dusty along with my pendant light they’re over Neath my sink I guess just
because it’s so hard to get to I have really like deep countertops so it’s not
easy for me to clean it so I guess I just forget and hadn’t noticed it so
wiping them down I was so surprised how much dust were on both of those things
so it feels so good to have that done next I’m gonna work on my kitchen island
I’m just gonna grab a wood cleaner and a cloth and go ahead and wipe these down I
feel like we’re always standing at this and kids are always on it and I forget
to clean it because it does not show dirt that much so that’s super nice and
a super kid friendly but I know it gets dirty so I just have to assume it’s
dirty and go ahead and wipe it down occasionally and then next I’m gonna go
ahead and wipe down all my countertops lately I’ve just been spraying them all
down and then putting the bottle away sometimes I just spray as I go but I
kind of like it just sitting and soaking on my countertops until I can get to it
and wipe it off I don’t know if that actually helps but in my head I seems to
make a difference and makes me feel better so that’s the way I’ve been doing
it now I’m gonna go ahead and vacuum my
floors because a they’re always dirty and B since I’ve been dusting and
cleaning off my countertops there’s just gonna be a lot of dust on them and my
floors just show it really bad I always love to show this angle just so you guys
can see my vacuum work I’m sure you’re aware it works but it’s just really fun
to see so I’m gonna go ahead and just get all that crumbs and dust picked up
off my floor I don’t vacuum these chairs often are
these bar stools but I really should it makes them look brand-new
I actually reupholstered these and myself and I thought they would just
shed like crazy but they don’t at all so I’m really happy with the way those have
turned out I went ahead and grabbed just a new piece so just to kind of add a pop
of color I feel like that’s a cheap and easy way anybody can do in their
household so if you’re on a tight budget just go get like a dollar soap and then
I also picked up these hand towels from Ross I don’t think I’m gonna actually
use them because I don’t want to stick them in my washer but I just thought
they would be cute setting out for the holiday I also picked up this cute
Valentine’s Day drying mat I thought it will be cute when I like hand wash
dishes because I do that a lot and let them air dry I also picked up some fake
flowers I could have done real roses but those were $12.99 and I thought the last
all the way through Valentine’s Day and I won’t have to replace them or water
them so I went ahead and did that now we’re gonna head into my living room and
we’re gonna be talking about a little project I’ve been working on I want to thank fracture for sponsoring
at this part of today’s video they’re a company based out of Florida they’re
also carbon neutral and are always on the lookout for ways to protect their
planet from glass production to packing they are committed to a small footprint
they offer a variety of sizes for your prints from it small to extra large so
what makes their prints so special is they’re printed on glass I wanted to
show you a few that I got for my neighbors these are so neat for wedding
photos or honeymoons and we did a lot of our family pictures on them for our
living room and they are absolutely gorgeous and right now they’re offering
you guys a Valentine’s Day special so you’re gonna get 25% off all of your
glass prints you just have to use the code Ashley 25 at checkout I am just so
impressed with the quality and how they turned out they were packaged so well
during shipping I had a lot ordered and so I had like three boxes come in and
all of them were in perfect condition I also wanted to mention that a lot of the
prints that I used were just from my iphone they weren’t even like
professional pictures and they look amazing
they’re almost clearer than like my photography pictures from a photographer
so we all have those special pictures that are on our phone of our you know
family or husband or just special moments in our life and I just think
this is such a great way to honor that you can pass this down from generation
to generation and they are just absolutely gorgeous hanging on a wall
and I also wanted to mention they are so easy to hang I know you guys are
wondering since there’s no frame how do you hang them it actually comes with a
screw and it also already has a hook on the back so it’s super easy to do it
took chase no time it definitely takes us longer to do other projects so it was
so easy anybody can do it so it definitely check them out if you’re in
the market for a gift like this you will not regret it and don’t forget you can
use Ashley 25 for 25% off your order now through February 14 so thanks again
to fracture for sponsoring this part of today’s video so now I’m gonna work on cleaning off
this dresser in our living room like I mentioned before I just like to wipe
everything down before I add more so than the next time I’m cleaning I’m not
having to move all of those decor pieces it just seems easier on the right time
to do it and then when you put your decor out it just seems so fresh and
clean and new it’s always just a fun feeling to like get the house clean get
it decorated and then just sit down and enjoy it so you’re gonna see me start
adding a few pieces to my living room I had found this gold heart at Ross it was
like $6.99 so I thought it matched my living room so well and then I also
picked up this love pillow from home goods and I want to say it was around
like 1799 this is a cheap way to do it pillows can get really expensive and you
don’t use them out for long so to buy like a matching set is a pricey but I
feel justify one that can go in the center of them and then maybe a throw
this isn’t technically Valentine’s Day but it looks great it has the colors and
it still ties in to my house as you can see I don’t go super crazy where like
Valentine’s Day threw up all over my house I like to keep it simple I like to
keep most of it neutral with a little pop of color throughout for my daughter
but you can definitely decorate for the holidays and not go super crazy you can
find the balance it’s just look for a lot of neutrals look for things that tie
in to your home that look Valentine’s Day but technically aren’t just like the
gold heart and then my throw and hand soaps and hand towels kind of at the pop
of color so you can definitely mix those in without going crazy now I’m gonna go
ahead and clean my floors in a past cleaning video I was telling you guys I
always clean with water but they were kind of starting to dry out and so I
asked for suggestions for some cleaning products so I’ve been trying out some
wood floor cleaners this one worked so well I was just meeting a really good
conditioner and I feel like this did it my floors feel brand new again so thank
you guys so much for all those suggestions so as you can see I’m just taking the
bottle and I’m making an S shape and squirting it out and then I’m just using
a wet mop head and mopping my floors like I normally do I did feel like this
took like double or triple the time versus when I’m just using the wet mop
head because I’m have to like stop grab the bottle squeeze it but it is
something that needs to get done about once a month just to keep my floors
healthy and fresh can take my breath away my the things I’ll plant the things I would
say now I sound so cliche yes now it’s time to head into my guest
bathroom / Savannah’s bathroom it’s more her bathroom because we rarely have
guests come and here’s this bathroom but I definitely need to wipe it down
there’s something about kids and toothpaste it’s just always everywhere
so I’m just using my lifestyle wipes from the Dollar Tree I’m going to wipe
it down get a few things clean and then I’ll start decorating this bathroom okay the first thing I’m gonna work on
is her hand soap I was gonna buy her a pink soap but I remembered she had
bought this people and already and we had not put soap in it so I went ahead
and just got like a free and clear soap my daughter is a very sensitive to stuff
on her skin especially her hand so we have to be very careful with like hand
soaps especially as we’re out like in public and she’s washing her hands in
public bathrooms she can’t do antibacterial so I found her this new
one from Target so I’m gonna try it out and let you guys know so I’m just gonna
go ahead and fill up her container and then put the lid on and she already
added pink to this bathroom so it’ll stay after Valentine’s Day but I just
feel like it’s the perfect touch right now and then I had used one of the rolls
off the back of the toilet so I’m gonna go ahead and freshen this up if you guys
haven’t seen my need to know cleaning tips definitely watch that video after
this one I show love fun cleaning tips that you probably don’t know about and
this toilet paper stamping is one of them I just really like adding a few holiday
touches to our guest bathroom so if somebody comes over they just feel
welcome so I always do like a hand towel soap and then I decided to add this
farmhouse sign from Ross and then you’re gonna see it flip here in a second if
you see the glass photo of Savannah’s standing on the beach that was another
fracture photo it is one of my favorites and she loves having it in her space so
it thanks again to fracture for sponsoring today’s video I hope you guys
have a wonderful week and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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