350 Legend Hornady American Whitetail vs Ballistic Gel at 100 and 200 Yards – The Social Regressive

One more 350 legend factory load for us
to test out here, guys! We have the Hornady 170 grain spire point or soft point this
is one that it’s gonna pack a pretty good wallop I think we’re gonna see if
this expands like some of the others did and some of the others didn’t we’re
gonna find out here in the ballistics gel so we’re gonna hit this at 100 yards
and 200 yards and the reason that we can hit pretty accurately at those distances
because of this CMMG makes a mean rifle this is the resolute it’s just a
carbine length and yeah this sucker is accurate wonderful rifle and on top the
scope is a TS 6x from us optics this is a really sweet little FFP optic up top
here and now let’s get down here and go see what we can do you the 170 grain Hornady made a huge wound
track through here this is a good bit wider even than the 458 SOCOM that we’re
going to be showing here in a bit yeah this looks like it gets up to a maximum
of about one in three-quarter inches of width going on through here and then it
looks like in addition to the immediate expansion and the gigantic wound channel
from the expansion of it you can kind of see the the corkscrew going through that
we have this leaf shape it looks like the projectile started to tumble as I got
through here and it’s cutting all the way out to 16 inches continuing to cut
out to maybe about 20 inches or so before it really kind of settles down
goes up and I was afraid we were gonna lose this one but it’s actually in the
sand so hopefully we’ll be able to pick out that projectile great news y’all yes
the projectile went through 32 inches of gel but then it stopped immediately in the
sandbag and you can actually see a little bit of the copper poking out
right there we’re gonna dig this projectile out right now and see what it looks like there it is all right we have a pretty
good mushroom going on it’s not much larger than the base of the projectile but
then remember that this one did turn around backwards so it might have lost a
little bit I suspect though that this is just kind of the way it was because I’m
seeing you know fully curled petals right here so yeah it looks like it
doesn’t have to have a gigantic mushroom to make a gigantic wound channel this is
a solid performer out to 200 at 200 yards the Hornady isn’t bringing
quite as much heat as it used to this one isn’t flaring out quite as much as
before we’re getting about one inch across on this channel and then it just
continues to cut all the way back through you’re here through the the
first block and then it cuts out the side right here on the second block I
think this would have had no trouble cruising through all 32 inches of gel
this does have some pretty devastating sections though look at this one right
here as it tumbles through this section we’re getting about a two inch wide cut
through there and you can see from some of the footage
where the the temporary wound channel was looking pretty good much like the
Winchester soft point I think this is one that’s going to carry a lot of
energy through some of your larger game while providing a pretty good hit on the
inside and tearing things up we’re gonna recover this from the bag and see what
we got the 170 grain Hornady as you can see has mushroomed and created some
pretty wicked cutting pedals so we’re looking at a maximum width okay about
three point three eight five point three eight zero somewhere in there let’s see
how much retained with weight we have one sixty eight point four so of the 170
grains we just lost a tiny bit of copper or maybe a tiny bit of lead and that’s
about it this has held together very well and as you can see those wound
channels were looking pretty good this 200 yard hit actually seems to have
opened up more than the 100 which is a little bit odd okay well maybe not it
seems maybe just a bit more uniform it’s it’s hovering actually right about the
same 380 so this is an excellent consistent performer this is one that
seems to be kind of distance neutral no matter what distance you’re at if you’re
within you know 100 yards or if you’re out at 200 looks like this one’s gonna
perform very well let’s see what kind of retained weight we have 160 9.2 so yeah
we have hung on to pretty much all the weight
said none of the jacket or the the core at all yeah wonderful how easy is it to
make a hit with this at three point six eight inches this is the largest group
that I printed with any of the ammunition either hand loaded or Factory and
remember that this is my particular gun this might work better and maybe a
longer barrel or your particular gun you should try this one out for yourself if
you’re looking for a load that provides out that heavier projectile that heavier hit
one that can punch through bone without any kind of issue I think that this is
going to be the one for you either this or that Winchester 180 I recommend that
you try both of those both of them have similar velocities this one’s a little
bit faster this one’s moving out at 2161 feet per second standard deviation of
17.0 eight so this is quite precise when it comes to its velocities it’s just a
little bit stringy in my gun it this may change for you make sure that you stick
around and watch for more videos when they come out we’re gonna be testing
more 350 legend loads we’re gonna be doing 5.7×28, 6.5 Creedmoor, 243
Winchester we’re gonna be testing them in gel we’re gonna be testing them on
paper and we might be doing some things like hitting eggs with some of these
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16 thoughts on “350 Legend Hornady American Whitetail vs Ballistic Gel at 100 and 200 Yards – The Social Regressive”

  1. I've been dreaming of this round for years. A. 223 based straight walled case that is basically a rimless 357 magnum on steroids. It's here! My next build will be a 350 Legend for sure!

  2. That ammo has had problems with the bullet moving forward when chambered in an AR making the COL different with each shot…like it's not crimped well enough…that might be why you're getting a large group… I get sub moa with this ammo from a single shot and when I crimp it more with a Lee FCD if I'm shooting from an AR

  3. It kind of saddens me that you didn't opt for the 300 Ham'r. I would love to see this kind of testing with this round, especially now that it is Saami approved! It's vastly more accurate and it was developed with hog hunting in mind.

  4. This cartridge seems to punch deep regularly. I wanted to use it in a short barrel (under 10") build but it seems pretty overkill for any kind of defense work. sheesh

  5. Most of the projectiles I e seen look like they would be awesome on pigs. Leave it at home for the white tail though. I think I'd load it with 125-140 grain XTP'S.

  6. Informative video. I like Hornady projectiles and ammunition alot. I beleave those groups would tighten up considerably once you handload and tune those projectiles to your rifle, as you know not all factory loadings are every rifle great.
    I haven't looked at their site to see if they offering them at component level yet, but if not I'm sure they will soon and probly some others not yet developed when popularity grows. And as it goes probly other manufactures too. The Winchester rounds you used in a previous video have a projectile profile that looks alot like some vintage 38 special rounds I have on hand that are copper jacketed with an exposed lead base that stays exposed part way up from the base. Unfortunately I have no unused projectiles to send you for trying.
    Thankyou for testing these for all of us.

  7. You might want to do the math on your rate of twist. I'm guessing less than 1 in 10. I'd say with the 170gr weight a minimum of
    1 in 10.75 to 1 in 11.5 would shrink the group an easy 1 1/2 inches.
    Really like the video.

  8. Has anyone tried 8.6 it's the big brother of a 300 black out. 30 cal case with a 338 bullet. It's new and hopefully hits the market big.

  9. Seems like someone needs some R&D on bullets for this round.
    Im not impressed with any of the expansion on any of these.

  10. I didn't notice if you tried the Federal 180 grain load… I noticed and heard that the Non Typical load is the same. I'm also waiting to try the Federal Fusion. Plus Browning is coming out with a 160 grain hunting load and a screaming 125 full metal jacket that's supposed to be 8 dollars a box!

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