6 Health Benefits Of Jumping Jacks You Never Knew

6 Health Benefits Of Jumping Jacks You Never
Knew Did you know? Jumping jacks have numerous health benefits! You might have been doing them since childhood. Jumping jacks can be learnt easily and quickly. It can be quite fun to do jumping jacks. Jumping jacks need no special gear and yet,
gives full body workout which can be done anytime, anywhere. People who haven’t exercised at all can also
learn them quite easily. The trick is to do them with the right technique. You need to stand straight with your feet
together and arms by your sides. Quickly raise your arms overhead while simultaneously
jumping on your feet on either side. Make an inverted V shape with your legs with
every jump. To avoid any injuries, make sure you land
gently. Always wear good shoes while doing this exercise. every moment when your feet touch the ground,
hands are on the sides and hands reach the top position over your head – legs wide when
you jump. The movement must be smooth and seamless. People with any problems with the spine should
perform jumping jacks of comparatively lower intensity. Consult your doctor before going ahead with
jumping jacks in case you have any underlying bone related health condition. if you do jumping jacks regularly… 1. you will have good bone health Jumping jacks are body weight exercises which
are great for the health of your bones. They help in making bones strong and dense. They help in preventing in loss of bone mass
and improve strength of bones 2. you will have weight loss Doing jumping jacks for around 15 minutes
can burn hell lot of calories. Thus, jumping jacks can be effective, if included
in regular workout schedul; it will be effective. 3. your full body will have workout Jumping jacks help in increasing your body
temperature and aerobic capacity. This is the reason why jumping jacks are usually
done as part of warming up exercises or cardio routines. 4.you will have less stress Most aerobic exercises come with the added
benefits of improving mood and reducing stress. They release happiness hormones, which reduce
stress and perception of pain. 5. you will have good heart health Jumping jacks elevate heart rate quickly. This is important because the heart rate can
indicate if you are exercising correctly or pushing too much. Exercises which boost your heart rate are
good for the heart. 6. you will have Cardiovascular benefits An aerobic exercise like jumping jacks should
be included in your fitness routine every week. The World Health Organization suggests that
at least 150 minutes of aerobic physical activity of moderate intensity is good for the cardiovascular
health. start this jumping jacks with minimum 30 counts. did this exercise put you in good mood…?
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