6 Lifestyle Changes That May Increase Your Lifespan

Hey there, health freaks. Did you know the current lifespan for the
average American is 78 years? Many factors are affecting your longevity. This includes gender, genetics, mental health
and lifestyle. There are several activities you can take
part in that increase your lifespan significantly. Let’s talk about 6 Lifestyle Changes That
Will Help You Live Longer… Should I quit smoking? How about cutting my alcohol intake? How long should my daily exercise be? Wait… Tennis can actually make a difference? We’re talking all that AND more… Quit Smoking Cutting your nicotine intake will definitely
add years to your life. As of 2018, 14 out of every 100 American adults
smoked cigarettes. This counts for over 34 million people. 1 in 5 preventable deaths are brought on by
smoking. So it’s safe to say, breaking the habit
will buy you more time on Earth. Smoking causes a number of health issues including
heart & lung disease, cancer, eye disease, respiratory problems, osteoporosis and diabetes. The driving force behind cigarette addiction
is nicotine. This is the actual drug found within tobacco. Shaking nicotine is not an easy task. Withdrawal symptoms include nausea, fatigue,
depression and headaches. Even if you’re not experiencing withdrawal,
you will have some really intense cravings. But trust me, it’s worth it. Life expectancy for smokers is typically 10
years shorter than those of non-smokers. It’s said that quitting smoking before age
40 reduces your risk of dying by 90%. Seriously, 10 years after quitting, your risk
of lung cancer is half of someone who is still on tobacco. 15 years after you quit, you have the same
chance of developing heart disease as a regular non-smoker. So if you’d like a better chance at living
10 years longer, put down the cancer sticks. Play Tennis Many of you have probably never touched a
tennis racket. This is why it may come as a surprise that
the sport can actually add a decade to your life. Sports are shown to increase a person’s
longevity. A study published in 2018 focused on 8500
people over the span of 25 years to see the effects playing sports had on their life expectancy. In the end, tennis showed the most significant
increase in longevity with 9.7 years. So what makes tennis so effective? Afterall, you’re simply hitting a ball back
and forth. If you think that’s all there is to it,
you’ve got another thing coming. Tennis is a highly demanding activity. One that requires your attention both physically
and mentally. Even if you’re a terrible player, the benefits
are endless. Tennis can lower your blood pressure, and
help to maintain a proper heart rate. It can improve your metabolism and lower your
body fat. Engaging in a strict tennis regimen will increase
your bone density and muscle tone. You will also have a faster reaction time. So if you live near a tennis court, a beautiful,
sunny day will be a great time to pay a visit. Before we continue, we would like to thank
Pur Gum for sponsoring this video. Pur Gum is the leader of sugar & aspartame-free
gums and mints. With a great taste that doesn’t hold back
in flavour, Pur Gum is sold in 25 different countries around the globe. Pur Gum… Live Pur. Go Nuts It just isn’t a list about increasing your
lifespan without discussing diet. Nuts are an essential anti-aging food. They have plenty of great benefits. A steady diet of nuts can aid in weight loss,
lower cholesterol & blood pressure, and reduce your risk of heart disease. Nuts contain antioxidants which help to reduce
oxidative stress. Regular almond consumption lowers blood pressure
in obese people. A single-ounce serving is 161 calories. Walnuts increase the health of your heart,
lowering blood pressure and improving your circulation. As for pistachios, they reduce your level
of blood sugar after a meal. All of these benefits help to increase your
life expectancy. A 2013 study focused on over 100,000 subjects
who consumed a regular diet of nuts over a period of time. In the end, eating nuts on a routine basis
was linked to a 20% lower risk of death over a 30 year time span. Other studies have also concluded that eating
nuts can increase your longevity. This is certainly something to think about
the next time you pass up a tasty bowl of cashews. Take a Walk A brisk stroll on an early morning may be
just what you need to live longer. Many of us don’t have time to get in a good
walk every now and then. But walking might be exactly what you need. Especially if you’re worried about your
health. Walking can increase the function of both
your heart and lungs. It will also reduce your risk of stroke or
heart attack. You’ll also be able to develop stronger
bones and do I really have to go over the weight you will lose over time? As for burnt calories, it depends primarily
on your current weight and walking distance. If you are 180 pounds, you can burn 100 with
each mile. A 3 mile stroll can burn almost 300. If you walk for at least 30 minutes a session,
all of these benefits can lend to a longer life. In general, a half hour of daily physical
activity is said to increase longevity. Studies have shown that walking at an average
pace can reduce your risk of death by 20%. So if it hits the proper temperature outside,
don’t hesitate to put on those running shoes and head out for a walk. Has this list been interesting so far? This next pick may draw a mixed reaction. Please don’t be mad at me… Before we continue, are you concerned about
the overall state of your health? Perhaps you’d like our latest video discussing
what doing burpees everyday can do to your body… Ladies, if you’re really interested in increasing
your longevity, check out our clip discussing 17 of the best anti-aging foods for women… Now let’s continue with our video of 6 Lifestyle
Changes That Increase Your Lifespan… Drink Less Booze I know, party animals. It’s tough to face the music, especially
without a beer. Dancing is more fun with alcohol after all. But research has shown that the more you drink,
the greater your risk of stroke or heart failure. Even certain cancers have been linked to high
alcohol intake. And don’t get me started with liver disease. If you’re trying to get healthier, it’s
time to put down the bottle. In 2011, sales in alcoholic beverages have
increased by 30%. People just can’t get enough of their favourite
party drink. Here’s where things get complicated. Research has indicated that people who cut
booze completely have about the same risk of heart disease as those who indulge on a
regular basis. This has led to a belief that a moderate level
of drinking can actually be healthy for you. Keep in mind, further research must be done,
so DO NOT take our word for it. Also, the recommended alcohol intake varies
by country. For example, the U.S. and U.K. recommend no
more than 14 alcoholic beverages per week. Drinking above this limit has been linked
to a lower life expectancy. So if you’re heading out to that family
gathering or birthday party, drink responsibly. Green Tea If you are in fact already cutting down on
the booze, green tea can be the ideal alternative. Granted it won’t supply the same kind of
buzz. But you will definitely feel its health benefits. Regular green tea consumption contributes
to higher longevity. One of the most obvious ways is helping you
lose weight. But that’s not all. On top of lowering obesity, green tea can
reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, defeat unhealthy bacteria and protect you
from Alzheimer’s disease. It does this with the help of its high antioxidant
content. Speaking of antioxidants, studies have shown
that women who drink green tea as part of a normal routine are 20-30% less likely to
develop breast cancer. Other cancerous diseases are also said to
be prevented with the assistance of the drink. All of these great benefits contribute to
a longer, healthier life. Take this piece of research for example. In 2006, an experiment was conducted on 40,000
Japanese adults. The subjects drank green tea at least 5 times
per day. After 11 years, the overall death rate had
lowered 23% in women and 12% in men. The rates of heart disease and stroke had
also decreased significantly. I totally get it. A warm cup of coffee in the morning is definitely
tempting. But when you look at the benefits of green
tea on your life expectancy, there’s really no comparison. Green tea is the best option for a longer
life! Are you doing any of these activities? Would you consider doing them after watching
this video? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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  2. Are you doing any of these activities? Would you consider doing them after watching this video? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  3. 1. Quit smoking (0:33)

    2. Play tennis (1:36)

    3. Eat nuts (3:27)

    4. Take a walk (4:36)

    5. Drink less alcohol (6:09)

    6. Green tea (7:28)

  4. I don't Smoke or Drink Alcohol. I just walked 2 miles, came home and ate Protein & Carbs. After the food digests I probably will walk another mile or two. I'm almost 74 Yo.

  5. True inspiration you are for us. I have got amazing benefits by following your videos since very long. Thank you

  6. My grandmother just died and she smoked dried at 50 my other grandmother is 75 and is biking the coat of Portugal, and a month ago hiked to Pittsburg then to Washington D.C.

  7. 6 Things to Increase your lifespan::Quit smoking;;,Play Tennis,🥍,Go nuts,🥜,Take a Walk,Drink Less Alcohol, 🍺🍷🍹,Drink Green Tea,🍵,,,,,,

  8. Eating nuts,2 hours walk with my dogs everyday morning and afternoon,green tea twice a day but more on water intake,zumba at weekend..it helps me a lot..
    No habits of smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages..my diet more protein less carbs..Thanks for this video..stay positive and happy as always long life to live..😘

  9. UK does not recommend 14 drinks a week. It 14 units. A pint or glass of wine is 2. So that is 7 drinks.

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