8 Signs of Kidney failure- itchy skin, blood pressure, swelled feet & 5 more symptoms

Okay, so kidney failure if you have these eight signs You have to be very careful. You probably want to see a doctor So I’m gonna mention these eight signs of kidney failure or it could be that your kidney is in trouble So you need to see a doctor right away These eight signs are pretty extreme when I was going through the list. So this is something you have to watch for a little bit of time If you see any of these signs and you suddenly started, you know to think that well, I have a kidney problem That is not necessarily the case. So these eight signs again you have to be Observing if you have these signs not to you know panic right away So number one is going to be increased blood pressure So if you have a high blood pressure all the time for no reason you are not Taking in a lot of sodium you’re not consuming salt But then you know you have this high blood pressure for no reason There is a sign that your kidneys in trouble. number two is excessive fatigue Mm-hmm when you come home if you are tired all the time, or maybe you’re not working. You’re just at home You want to relax but you cannot take any any nap you feel always fatigued tired Not you know fresh at all. Number three is sleeping troubles if you have hard time sleeping Number four is feet or ankles swelling if you see your feet Okay, sometimes the feet can become you know bigger it can bulge out if You do see your feet is in trouble or your ankle is soiling then you have a kidney problem It could be number five nausea or vomiting number six decreased appetite and unintentional weight loss You don’t feel like eating now number eight will be very important. So stay tuned so you don’t feel like eating you You are hungry if you need anything, right? And then when you are being given the food or you want to eat something you do not feel like eating at all Then you have number seven muscle twitching or cramps if you if it happens all the time when you are sleeping at night and all of a sudden you have a muscle twitch or Cramp this is a… My internet connection, okay, and number eight is itching of the skin A lot of people they have itchy skin, which is okay But if it is happening excessively then your kidney must be or might be Very possibly likely in trouble. So you see a doctor leave your comment subscribe to the channel. like this video share this video

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