9 – Chinese Zodiac: Monkey

The zodiac is a friend of the monkey. The year of the golden pig is a wrong year. Except for the address, the new city Sanheshui In addition to the sentiment of the gold into the water tank, it is also because it is entered into the letter. The letter is warm at 8 o’clock. It ’s a new look. There will be a sudden change this year. This plan will make you flat. This achievement is achieved by the thunder. Sometimes I spread it to myself, but I believe that this year is really a stewardess. Okinawa people remember that the father and the son are flying cheap, and the Okinawa people are arrogant. It ’s bad luck. There ’s one this year. The villain is jealous of you. It ’s a low-key legend. Undefeated at the idea The last person does not have a certain turning plan this year. How long will it bury? You are constantly changing jobs and turning ears. Everyone will have the ideal year of hard work Good luck in living does not mean that you can use this website as a good luck, otherwise you will meet Dabo and get a lot of money. Can you forget to commit crimes when you rent a house this year? A friend of peach blossom, spinach, spinach, no peach blossoms this year. On the surface, the relationship is colorful and colorful. The garden is so loving and flexible. You can improve the above problems. Even with so many points that I think are in harmony, the export is the same year as the petals Married friends do n’t want to be healthy and convenient I have a sprain this year. I have a sprain. I only have a small problem with an ear, nose, and throat infection. This is a fake friend. What about the five opposite ways of cooperation that will help you for a while? The zodiac belongs to the throat. It is estimated that Zhu is a friend. This year’s lucky body is brown brown yellow black gold silver red purple blue white green very dizzy Numbers 2671 349 This year ’s lucky gem Lapis Lazuli, if this is possible, what about a house or office building? On the northwest side, I got gold on the previous picture. With the same picture, there are six pieces of metal placed under it. There will be one after it is done to prevent disaster and to avoid evil.

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