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In the next few minutes, I’m going to give you some tips for preparing healthier meals and we can do this by looking at adapting favourite recipes to make them a little healthier. One way of adapting recipes to make them a little bit more healthy is if you’re using meat or chicken then trim the fat. To adapt curry sauces or pasta sauces, really it’s healthier to go for a tomato-based sauce rather than a cream sauce So you just fry up your onions first of all using your spray oil of course. And then we add, some chopped and tinned tomatoes. And you really have there the basis of a very nice tomato pasta sauce. However, I do know that sometimes you really do fancy a cream sauce so rather than using a full fat cream, some really good ways to make your recipes a little more healthy are to use something like a low-fat creme fraiche or natural low-fat yoghurt. So, if you’re going to make a cheese sauce for a pasta perhaps, then you can make it a healthier option by using low fat cheese, tastes just as good, in a sauce, or you can use semi skimmed or skimmed milk. Even your favourite cake recipes can be made healthier by cutting down on the sugar content now you can either do this by cutting most cake recipes, you only need about half the sugar that’s recommended in the recipe or now there are sweeteners that are heat resistant so you can use them in baking. But another little tip, is if you want to sweeten your cakes naturally, dried fruit is a great option. So I hope I’ve given you some simple tips for how to make healthier food at home, also how to adapt some of your favourite dishes, and do remember little changes make a big difference.

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