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hi everyone this is destiny and welcome
back to my channel. So in this video, let’s make it fast and not beat by the bush. Let’s talk about one of the most common questions asked to me which is Age vs HRT or Age and HRT. A lot of people are asking me if it is too late to start HRT at this age? Am I too old for hormones to take effect on me? Is there like a specific hormones I need to take for older women or at what age is it safe to start HRT. So basically the concern revolves around “At what age can you start taking HRT safely and that HRT will still have an effect on me?” so those are the two primary questions we are going to answer in this video so I hope that you stay and
yeah let’s go ahead and discuss it so So of course, let’s start talking about legal matters, when we say “legal” you should have legal rights
to decide whether or not you want to undergo a certain treatment and HRT is
actually a therapy. It’s a treatment for trans women or women of transgendered
experience. We dont just take it because if you just wanted to be pretty or blah blah there’s something that needs to be corrected to you that’s why you’re taking HRT. You feel like you’re trapped in the wrong body. You feel like
you know your body is supposed to be closely resembling the female
gender so thats why you’re taking HRT. Thats the primary reason. You dont just take it because youre not satisfied that you don’t have a slim arms. Youre not satisfied coz your legs are big. no. Those reasons are too superficial. You
take HRT coz you feel like your whole complete body that includes your
psychological being and your emotional being should be feminized. so that is the reason why legal consent is required before undergoing hrt especially to kids coz HRT has a lot of permanent effects
for us including mental psychological and physical . Most of us just want the physical change. We dont know that there are mental psychological and
emotional effects in side effects of hormones. what are those? depression and anxiety
and suicidal tendencies . Things like that. Those are the things most are unaware of. Coz in the Phils we dont really deal much with the mental issues thats why we dont know those. We only know the physical changes like we see pretty trans women but we dont know that they deal with a lot of struggles just like me. I’ve been contemplating on
making a video about anxiety and depression but I just don’t feel like I
have the guts or the confidence yet to share what I’m undergoing right now but
yeah soon when I’m ready I’m gonna share that to you all. So it has a lot of
side effects on us that’s why a consent is necessary especially if you’re still
underage if youre 18 and below no seventeen and below. if
you’re under legal age and you decide to undergo hormone replacement therapy then there is no blaming. Your parents cant be blamed fo that too. it’s just gonna be all on you okay. Thats the reason why. your questions are not really based on
legality. it’s actually um you know it’s not what you’re asking for what
you’re asking for are the effects. if it will still take effect and if it’s gonna
be safe for you guys and i have the answer for that so let’s start the young ones. so the question is how early can you take hormones what age is
too early. Now, if you actually watch youtube and if you’re using your facbook correctly, youre researching properly instead of posting “Sana All” jk. instead of posting that and all stupid stuff, I hope we are also doing proper research on hormones coz it goes in our bodies right?
so anyways going back if you actually have a doctor guiding you on your
transition so it doesn’t matter what your age is if you’re gonna look those progressive countries like UK US Australia like kids are allowed to transition even as young as seven years old they can tell their
parents that I want to be I want to be who I really want to be coz they have so much freedom in their country so if again if you have
a doctor guiding you then your doctor will tell you if it’s safe to transition
already or not so that is if you have a doctor in the
Philippines it is difficult to find an endocrinologist so what if you are self
medicating? because if you’re self-medicating you’re the ones who are
deciding for yourself without the need for a doctor’s approval so if that’s the
case you actually have to be very careful and you need to choose the
safest decision of course even a small mistake can mess up your body. and there are permanent side effects of hormones that you cannot
remove even if you stop taking it for years. and sometimes for us to be able to decide the safest , we need to delay a few things so we can do it right. which is it just I mean it not
just applies to you taking hormones but some life decisions but in my personal
opinion I mean just a disclaimer I don’t have any issues with girls transitioning
below 18. I dont have problems with that. it’s gonna be their decision and
it’s gonna be on their own but for me it actually isn’t the best idea to undergo
HRT below 18 I mean these are not scientifically founded it’s just that
these are my personal perception and let me know in the comment section down
below if you disagree or agree and which number because I’m gonna number them out
just to make sure I get every idea that I have in my mind okay so number one. For those 18 yrs old and below, most of you are still studying and don’t
have a permanent work yet. The tea is, hormones are so expensive and you cant just settle for a birth control because they a dangerous you and it’s gonna affect you
in the future You might be thinking you’re okay but later on in your life when you had a check-up , your liver and kidneys are damaged, you’re prone to a kidney damage, that youre now more prone to liver damage compared to regular people are compared to trans women who took the safe route. so you know HRT needs to be continued and maintained. Most of the girls taking hormones that are eighteen and below, they can’t
maintain it and they take it for maximum of three months, they stop hormones and change the type they take frequently. and mostly because they cant afford proper hormones. so that’s the first reason the second reason that I have is most
most are student and theyre not yet at the best place in their lives to
transition smoothly and continuously. when you are a student, you have a lot of
limitations and restrictions you know. Your family doesnt accept you, your dysphoria is being triggered in school like, hello haircut. Every single time that my professor would ask me to have a haircut my body is just like oh
my god it feels like you got stripped off of your soul. there’s something inside you that cringe that you’re gonna be like oh my god shit like I’m gonna
have a haircut again like I had my hair I grew my hair for a very long time and
I’m gonna have a haircut again it feels like there’s a piece of your femininity
this being stripped away when you have a haircut. Thats how I feel like. what else? you havent started socially transitioning. Thats the first step of transitioning you have the transition
socially and then medication then your clothes and stuff like that. At this point, you havent invested yet in your female clothes, Med Amano dig up an occupied building
them true friends the by mostly namana you havent built your true circle of friend yet. Most of you guys still have plastic friends at this age. jk most of your friends only lasts in college time. after college you’ll be like hello i dont know you anymore. we used
to be best buddies and now we’re not. number three is most of you guys don’t
know yet what you want in life as in not all but most of you guys
don’t really know what you want in life still you’re currently I’m still on your
exploring face when it comes to her sexuality and admit it, youre still in that phase. you are still exploring your sexuality and be like, I might not be trans, I might be bisexual. maybe im gay or maybe
I’m a drag queen or maybe I’m a queer and I don’t give a fuck about labels. maybe like that. We are still experimental when it comes to our sexuality and what we actually want in our lives when we’re 18 and below. coz this is the age where you are still dreaming big, that you are still idealistic. You have some
sense of reality but not that much and at this age we’re still very indecisive
what we want in life. it’s very very difficult to undergo HRT
if you’re very indecisive number four is your male puberty is it still in its
early age and it will get affected by HRT. your puberty will be thwarted. now don’t get me wrong this is actually a good and also a bad
thing so let me go and explain now so if you decide later to discontinue
HRT and you disrupted your male puberty oh my god girl like imagine what
is gonna happen no you’re not gonna look androgynous, you’re gonna look shitty
you’re gonna have like a lot of acnes on your face because he disrupted your
hormones it causes some hormonal imbalance
and you might have bone issues bone density issues and stuff like that so it
is not gonna be great. So for those people who thinks that if you disrupt your male puberty that youre gonna look Androgynous, uh-huh girl you
won’t look like BTS there would also be permanent side effects that you might
not really like again HRT affects the bones it affects your psyche it also
gives you boobs and development of boobs is actually semi irreversible what does
that mean? if you stop hormones and you already developed cup A boobs and later on you decide that you dont wanna transition coz you realized youre not trans. what’s gonna happen your boobs is they will be smaller but the breast ducts that we developed, it is still gonna be there that’s what you
would see some “Pamintas” that still has breast mounds, thats it. they took hormones before and the ducts developed. only way for that to be removed is
through surgery and it’s gonna cost you a lot. imagine this, you took Birth Control Pills as HRT coz you dont have money then you’re gonna spend a lot on surgery to remove it. you spent 150 pesos or 65 pesos every week. ridiculous. Number 5 is that they dont really have much knowledge about how hormones work you
know a lot of research is actually needed so youll be aware about the possible side effects and effects on hormones because you don’t just take hormones
without knowing the effects girl when you’re taking hormones it’s very
important that you know a lot of stuff about it so that when something happens
you would know if it’s a side effect and you should stop and you know if it’s
something normal you know you know what I mean
number six and the last issue that I have is they need more exposure in real
life you know you know real life in terms of how people would actually be
treating them after transitioning because you know the world won’t revolve
around you and the world won’t actually respect you the way that it wanted to be
respected just because you’re trans it doesn’t go that way you know you. You saying “im Trans” isnt as powerful which some people use. It isnt that powerful. and some people would be like what the
fuck are you talking about like you’re not trans they would go as far as
invalidating your existence and believe her or not even me some people are in
validating my existence it’s already me. hahha. seriously like some
people are like that because when they know that I haven’t had SRS yet which I don’t
really plan on having they would be like O”oh youre not trans coz you still have a **** and you dont have a v*g yet” so I’m like how do you even know who’s trans or not if you yourself
you’re not trans like girl so with everything that he said about me not
agreeing for trans women taking HRT or undergoing HRT below 19 what’s my say
about that like I know but that I got young age and that man for me half for
me personally I feel like the H 19 and above is actually a good age to start
HRT and here are my six reasons what the fuck here are my six reasons why and
we’re gonna answer the 6-points i have mentioned one by one okay so
number one most likely I mean , if youre not a repeater, eww jk. sorry. if you arent a repeater, you probably already graduated in college. and right after graduation, if you luckily land a work… you have time to save money for your
hormones and you can calculate how much you wanna spend for your life or
expenses and stuff like that you know you can a lotta budget from salary
so you can buy hormones and that way you can maintain it. right? coz here,
after nineteen most likely your financially stable now so you can decide
which hormones you really want and youre not gonna be worrying like, ” sh*t I dont have anything to eat but thats okay. Im pretty anyways”. Youre not gonna feel that way. and instead you’ll be like, “Im pretty and healthy coz i can eat properly”. I’m number two is after graduation
you’re definitely gonna be in a better situation and you know give it a few
months in your life you can find a work already which will allow you to be
yourself. You can transition at your work. you can be you in your work
without feeling dysphoric without feeling like oh my god they might not like me because im trans. youll find a work that accept you. And there are a lot. Especially call center oh my god like in my mind I want to say call
center but ill say call center. so call center companies.
yeah like you see my lips like I’m stressing and I’m like having a hard
time saying Center I’m okay anyways and also if you already have a work you can
actually start socially transitioning so it is actually easier to socially transition at work coz they don’t really know you at all they don’t have any background about you
so you can just let them know as I’m as in theyre like a blank slate so you can just let them know hi I am des and I am trans I’m in a process of transitioning so
give me time and you will see the flower you will see the trans that youre expecting to see. Something like that. It is harder to transition in school specially since it i embedded in their heads that youre a gay guy. all throughout their life they’re just
gonna think that you’re Becky and trust me that happens even with my friends
before at school, they still think of me as Becky because thats what theyre used to. there are some that are open minded they can adjust
their brain setting and they refer me as “she” or like female pronoun basically and how I look like but some people still see the the guy in me and I don’t really
know why I know my own it’s easy to transition in at work because not much people know you and you can build new friends that knows already that youre trans and it’s gonna be easier they’re gonna be respecting you more
compared to your friends before, you know friends at school that only lasted during school time and you’re not friends anymore. jk .
number three is that since eighteen being 18 is the legal age on where where
you can legally decide things for yourself you know being 19 or even 20
gives you additional few years to know what exactly you want in life. What do you really wanna happen in your life. you know that extra year or
extra two years can actually give you you know a year or two to play around
your emotion to play around not emotions to play around your
experiences and your likes and dislikes it gives you that year to be decisive to feel like, what do i really wanna do with my ife. am I really trans? if so then I want to do a lot more research you know you can plan your hrt properly while considering future future or considering
future things possible that might happen in your life. number four is that your male puberty by that time already completed and it’s
not gonna be an issue for you you know but it’s completed but not yet too late to feminize your body. so you would already know if you like what happening with your body. like your adams apple getting bigger, your hands etc. it’s not yet complete but it’s never too late
to feminize your body and to like finish the masterpiece on how it
should really look like. and your masterpiece is your body girl. so thats how youll know if you like the changes in your body, do you just wanna be musculine or do I still have this strong feeling that I’m trans up
until now it doesnt go away I tried to be gay I tried to be bi I try to be manly
and it still didn’t work for me. i hanged out among trans women and I
really feel comfortable with them I feel more comfortable with girls
so maybe I’m really trans and you can already decide but that time it gives
you a lot of freedom and also at this point like what I always tell you repeatedly, at this point if you decide to transition it is still not
too late to prevent your body from further masculinizing de bah so this
stage is really really perfect for you number five , most likely youre already smarter after graduation coz you didnt copy answers right? at this point youre smarter and you can already balance reality versus expectations you should already know like Oh i might need to take hormones. Oh i might need to get surgery coz hormones isnt cutting it anymore. oh I need to do more research about this. Coz you did thesis in college right? or during high school you did research paper right? number six and the last and i feel like
this is what makes most sense. hopefully your mind has been opened on how harsh the world to people and that harshness
is gonna be double or triple on you being trans I mean the world the world
is already harsh on people even biological women it there the world is
harsh and biological women and like people with poverty but you know if youre trans and youre poor and and you have a lot of handicap in life, it is gonna be triple, quadruple harsh on you and by that time
you should already know that and shud be prepared prepared. Youre already prepared by that time. unlike if you’re 17 or 18 it’s gonna it’s gonna scar your
mental state and it’s not good unlike if you’re 19, like what I told you, you have one year to decide on everything you can plan
everything you have time for everything now since I already answered your question. well depends on you but these are just my thoughts. haha so deep. so so when is it too late to start HRT
A lot of people are asking that. is my hormones still gonna take effect? when is it too late? you know the answer is it is actually never too late to start HRT
yeah and you can start as late as your 50s or 60s or us early as 25 the real
question is will HRT still work in its full potential after puberty ? thats the actual question. after complete as in complete puberty. complete puberty is actually 21 or 22
I’m not really sure ask your science teacher about that okay! I will translate it in tagalog so everyone can understand. it isnt an issue if you started hrt late or what the question is, will hormones work still in its full potential or maximum potential after your puberty? of course when youre 50, it is already really finished. … of course with female hormones
we will undergo female puberty but if someone undergoes complete male
puberty hormones is not really gonna have 100% effect on them and i’m gonna
explain that to youwe all know that male to female trans
women undergo male puberty right that is a biological fact and male puberty
develops our secondary male characteristics yes so male
characteristics like broadening of your shoulders you know
adam’s apple’ lowering of the voice like those. things that reminds us that we
are men and oh my god like oh my gosh well fuck you secondary male
characteristics shut up although some of them
are a reversible like face oiliness rough skin body hair most are
irreversible like the bone changes like what i said, hands and feet and hip size. coz girls’ hips are normally wider. Adam’s apple and the voice. voice if you want to know how I got my
boys like I trained for my voice and I’m gonna make a video on tagalogso you would understand anyways yeah and you know the more years testosterone rains in your body
after puberty the more difficult it is for hrt to feminize your body. It’s like testosterone reigned in your body for so long it’s just like um the American era and the Spanish era. the spanish era lasted for more than 400 years that it is already engraved in our own culture. it is like that so there are some
things that you cannot remove anymore you cannot change anymore
once it gets affected by testosterone for a long period of time you know and
it’s gonna be more difficult for HRT to feminize your body just like what I explained..but it doesn’t mean you won’t it doesn’t mean that it wont work anymore. it will work. It doesnt mean you cant pass there are a lot of ways on
how we can pass on how you can look like yourself it’s just that it will just be
harder for HRT five minutes your body as much as you want it to be when you take
it after puberty. it will just be a little bit more difficult. so at this point, if you started a little bit late, we cant just simply rely on HRT alone I mean we
have to wait for HRT to work it’s magic and maximize the full potential of
feminization and yes and it will work but we have to set expectations that definitely we need more than just HRT if
we want better and more satisfactory results what are those
makeup makeup skills fashion sense surgery. just dont do silicone injections. save that money for implants instead. your aesthetics and overall actions and mannerisms. i feel like I’m more fluent and becky language than in
Tagalog anyways um so you know an answer goes so again to sum it up if you start
before HRT make sure you have a doctor if you start on my recommended age which
is 18 or 19 I would really really think now you’re gonna do well if you start
late in HRT then just set the expectations night you would need not
just HRT but more than that okay so you’re not a man any other questions
comments suggestions violent for actions let me know in the comment section down
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a part of someone make the transition before puberty and my experiences as a
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41 thoughts on “Age and HRT | Destiny Maylas”

  1. In really progressive countries like Canada you can't start hormones legally until you're 16. Before then you can only take puberty blockers which delay puberty temporarily. I think this system works well in Canada because there are the endocrinologists to track theese transitions. Being able to start at that age likely saved me from suicide.

  2. I do disagree with your point on it interrupting male puberty. If you stop hrt testosterone will take hold again and finish male puberty, that includes voice and penis size, though it doesn't reverse everything. That's why if trans men (ftm) take testosterone they end up looking like men.

    I do partially agree with the breast point, but many cisgender men do have breast tissue.

    One interesting point. HRT can't shrink your bones but if you're young enough, like under 21-25 your hips can still grow because your bones haven't stopped growing

  3. When I was a teenager I went to the doctor to transition and was told to join the army !! It's very difficult here in UK due to doctor attitudes and waiting times, up to 4 or 5 years after referral to specialist before they decide if you are trans enough to deserve hormones. I was forced to self medicate using the internet so I am a self made woman. Most doctors here don't want to know or help and I have had some who deliberately block you from getting treatment "because they can". Any problems you have they blame on HRT even if it's not related.

  4. From personal experience the best age to take HRT is when you're truly ready to transition.
    I came out at 16. lost all my friends. felt like it was the wrong thing
    Tried again at 19. got scared. felt isolated.
    again at 22. felt like i wasn't trans enough.
    again at 24. backed out to have a "normal" life. got into a relationship cause i felt it was my only chance to be in one. (so far i was right about being my only chance but meh) lasted 2 years.
    felt like i missed my chance. was now too old.
    got to 33 decided i'd had enough. now or never. I don't care what, i'm doing this for me.
    did 1 year socially transitioning and currently 5 months on HRT.
    Haven't felt this happy in myself in long time.
    family are struggling with it, but even they can see a change in me and my happiness.
    even friends i thought who would reject me have been super supportive.

  5. Hi ate pagawa naman ng vid about prosexol nag sisismula palang ako mag transition I'm 25 na hopefully na may mag bago pa hahaha

  6. I think ang tinuntukoy nya mga sis sa “legality” ay iyong may involved na doktor. Not self medication( kung kailan mo gusto mag pills) Below 18 din ako nag start magpills(self medication tawag dun), pero kung below 18 ka pa lang, at gusto mo magpa undergo ng HRT na may proper medication and doctor na involved, ay di ka nila ite-therapy basta-basta kasi they will be held responsible kung magreklamo ang nanay mo dahil ginawa kang barbie ni doc. Kasi nga, wala ka pa sa tamang edad. Maka disagree mga bakla! Kuda na lang ng kuda.


  8. U guys are free to disagree. I am happy about it still. As I mentioned in my video, this is just my personal opinion and what I think would be best for everyone. Also be mindful that I an considering 18 as the legal age since I was born in Phils.

  9. Is it safe to take Estromon and Hyles 100 together before bed time? Lang 2nd night ko pa lang po sya tinitake. One tablet each. Tapos first time ko lang po magtransition

  10. I just started HRT — November last year. I just turned 42 just this January. I am having a rollercoaster experience as I go through this process, but the bad times become bearable because of the people around you who understand, support, and truly love you — your family, your friends.

    When I started taking hormones, I also wen to another medical professional for HIV PreP. I told him about the HRT.

    He warned me about losing libido.

    I replied:

    “I am choosing femininity over libido.”

    My point is — it’s your decision. The second point is, which is more important than anything else — it’s your life.

    Are you too old for it. Am I too old for it?
    Timing is everything, yes. But timing is anytime you are ready.

  11. Sis ok Lang ba magtake Ng Andro and estrofem kahit Wala ka png tulog
    Night shift kase work ko eh
    Sana mapansin mo 😘

  12. Fabulous Destiny! I’m a late bloomer and I’m very happy with it going forward. I have to agree with the hair comment. It just about killed me when my parents would mention hair cut. Love ya 💕💓

  13. Hi, sis! I finished this video and I learned a lot and I already subscribed! First of all, this is very informative. I started my HRT since 21 years old and I am turning 27 this year. And for the past two years, I have been thinking of detransitioning. So just in case that you can make a content for those who detransitioned, their experiences, tips, things to ponder, it would be very helpful. Thank you and I will religiously follow your contents! ❤️

  14. Sis ok lang ba mag fake ng estrofem at androcur tapos nag rerebond kasi ako mg mga clients ok lang ba salamat sis…

  15. Miss destiny Gusto ko lng eshare kasi wala akong ibang masabihan makarelate sakin. Dati po kasi pag mag stop ako ng pills humahaggard po ako pero kampati lng po ako kasi alam ko naman na kapag makakapag pills na ako babalik lang yung pagkababaehan look. Pero now parang hindi na tulad ng dati. Ganito po kasi yun. Since 2016 progynova po gamit ko at androcur at depotrust. This august lang po nag change ako to progynon depo at proluton at androcur kasi sabi ko ayaw ko na mastress kakainom ng pills araw2. After 1 month na gamit ko nun ang effect sakin yung look ko na parang wala akong iniinom na pills or nag iinject as in yung normal na kapag di ako nakapag hrt. Bumalik po ako ng tulad sa dati nung 0ctober sa Progynova androcur at depotrust. Pero hanggang ngayon po di kopa nakikita sarili ko sa salamin yung dati kong nakikita na nagugustuhan ko. Di rin naman po ako puyat. 8-9 hours a day tulog ko. Everytime na bago ako matulog sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na itulog ko lng at hintayib ko lng bumalik pero everytime papasok ako sa work at titingin sa salamin nafrufrustrate parin ako. Di ko na alam kung ano pang kailangan kong gawin. Nagsisi ako tinry ko yung progynon at proluton. Maybe you can help me sis analyze my situation and to know the problem?

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