Alabama Lions Teach Children to Beat Diabetes

Pound is a Pilates
based workout. It’s a kind of jam session. You just kind of got to rock
out to your favorite songs while you work out. We also get to work
out using drumsticks. Lions Clubs International
has partnered with the football team here at the University
of Alabama, the Peach Bowl, and the school
system here in Tuscaloosa, to promote defeating diabetes
by living healthy lifestyles. I was diagnosed
with type 1 diabetes when I was nine years old. I thought my life was over. Thought sports was over for me. But as you can see, I’m
still living out my dreams, playing football and baseball
at the University of Alabama. It’s always a great time
to connect with students and teach them how to exercise
because that will just lead to a healthier lifestyle. I want to tell you
what exactly diabetes is. We’re seeing a rise
in type 2 diabetes in children, mostly because
we’re seeing a rise in obesity. And that has mostly to
do with the kids are not getting the exercise outside
of school that they need. Going outside and playing
30 minutes a day or more, that’s very important. Limiting that screen
time to an hour a day, that’s really important,
because we want kids to be up and moving more. It’s an opportunity for us
to share with the community that with proper education,
good food choices, medication management, they can still
have productive lives. I just want to give a
message to all the kids that have diabetes, keep living. Control your blood sugars. You can do anything. Don’t let this stop you. It definitely
inspires me, because you know, I’ve had family
members who’ve had it, so I know that’s
important for me to do what’s best to
take care of myself. If we focus on eating
healthy and working out right now, while
we’re still young, we can help ourselves
in the future. Our goal as Lions is to
improve the quality of life for all of those
who have diabetes.

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