All About The Power, Benefits And Mystery Of Gemstones | Workshop Part 2 | Neeta Singhal

See, Understand the American diamonds are basically… One is that they could be synthetic diamonds or they could be a gemstone called Zircon. Right! So, this zircon gemstone does work if it is not synthetic. If it is a natural zircon it works
like Chintamani or a white sapphire. But Any gemstone which is synthetic, they are
also lab created And synthetic gemstones They say that they create the gemstones
from the same chemical properties. but the cosmic colour can never be achieved. So, the synthetic gemstones
are strictly no no for Vedic astrology, they are strictly no. We have to have a natural gemstone from
the earth, even if it is not very clear, Even if it has some fractures, inclusions.
No problem. But we want unheated and untreated gemstones
only for basically healing the chakras Audience: Crystal. Crystal, tell us something about crystal. Now crystal is a very, very
pure gemstone. Crystal is what I’m saying all
the time Chintamani. Crystal, Sphatik is a very,
very pure and pristine gemstone which works on the crown chakra.
It gives light to the entire body. That is why you’ll find all the spiritual
people, they wear Sphatik, crystals. and you will see lot
of gemstone idols. You know, lot of pyramids they
are all made of crystals. It has got an… It
has got some energy by which it can retain the
power of mantra chanting. Because natural crystal is also called quartz.
And, you know, we have watches of Quartz ..because it can retain memory. So, when
you wear crystal on the body and you chant or you do prayers on an idol or a Sphatik
Shree Yantra or a pyramid of crystal That energy of the prayer stays
with the crystal and works for you. So, crystals are extensively used in healing. Audience: (Inaudible) They are very different. Audience: same difference or? No. Very, very different. See,
first, we have to understand The name is called semi-precious
but it not a substitute. Semi-precious are not substitute gems. Universe never believes in precious
or semi-precious or substitutes. We cannot say that since you cannot wear a
Yellow Sapphire, you wear a yellow citrine. No. Yellow sapphire is for guru and yellow citrine is for saints. They are two different gemstones, two different planets. You cannot say that amethyst is a substitute of Blue Sapphire. No. Blue Sapphire works on the third eye.
Amethyst works on the crown chakra. There is no substitute. Every gemstone has got unique properties. You cannot wear anything in place of the other. Okay. And, as I said, the cosmic colour
of Yellow Sapphire is blue. but the cosmic colour of Yellow Citrine is yellow. So, they are two different gemstones. Audience: What is the rule of the Rose quartz? Rose Quartz basically activates the heart chakra. It makes you feel loved. It filters the love that you get from the world.
So, basically, you’ll see in western countries people wear lot
of Rose Quartz on the body as a pendant. Basically to heal the heart.
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Audience: (Inaudible) Ya, because it will clear. A lot of negative
energy resides in heart only. So, crystals and All these things you are using in pranic (healing)
is to cleanse the energies. Perfectly fine. You can use Sphatik. You
can use rose quartz. Audience: (Inaudible) Basically, you know, the Navratna Mala
that people wear is more cosmetic. Navratna mala is not recommended
as per the Vedic view point. It is very good as a decorative piece. But if you wear regularly on the body There could be adverse results. You can wear it for a very short period of time. Wearing them regularly will start imbalancing
the chakras instead of balancing them. If you want to wear it as a
necklace, then the entire necklace should be of the
same gemstone with a Sumeru Mixing gemstones like that and wearing
as a necklace is not recommended. But if you want to wear all the nine gems Then you can wear them as two
Bracelets: Mahashakti and Mahalakshmi. They will work very well.
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Audience: (Inaudible) They are all together. No issues.
Audience: Right Hand or Left Hand There are two different hands. So, you can
wear both of them, together. No issues. Okay. Audience: There are these stones which we keep in
some Vastu also… Vastu Stones and Clusters. Yes, yes. Actually, when you
keep them as Vastu stones and clusters, they also
give that energy to you. because whenever you look at the stone
so much of copious light comes to you. It comes in the environment. But
definitely, it is not touching your body. But, it is touching the environment.
Because, if you, actually see, everything is alive.
The earth is alive. You know the sofas, the furniture,
the ground, everything is alive. So, you can, definitely,
keep these clusters. But then for that also you should
follow Vastu principles. If, you are placing a gemstone in the
South of your house, it should be red. If you are placing it in the south-west
of your house, it should be black. If it is to the east of your
house, it should be rose quartz. If it is south-east,
it should be yellow jade. So, you should follow the
Vastu principles also to keep the gemstones crystals
to get the best effect because the house also has got chakras.
Audience: (Inaudible) Ya, they are a little different geometry. All these are geometries. Now, if
you are talking about the Shankh, Shankh you know… It has got a geometry that
will always give you a sound of ‘OM’. Always, the ‘OM’ sound will come out. And, we know that the OM is very
auspicious, very cleansing, very holistic. So, if you keep a shankh
in the environment, the sound OM is coming continuously
in the environment and purifying it. So, that’s the purpose. So there
are many, many sacred geometries. We have got, last year
when I held a workshop on Chakra Vastu, I spoke about
all different geometries. We can see my video on chakra
Vastu where I’ve spoken about salt pyramids and different
things you can see there. See, you have to understand
all my knowledge for Rudraksha and gemstone
doesn’t come from books. It comes directly from Maha Dev.
It is true authentic information. And, we are healing people,
and not sellers of gemstone. We are providers of gemstones but
we are not selling gemstones. We make them available to people;
basically for therapeutic purposes. and that’s why, a very large community of
people, they buy gemstones from us. We don’t believe in really very,
very expensive or very rare… no. We believe in gemstones that can
be afforded by your pocket. But they should be truly natural gemstones. So that after wearing, you will see the results. That is our endeavour. Because Because, they are rare. There is
no standard price in the market. When you go to buy any
precious gemstones like yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire,
people are so confused. because they cost a couple of lakhs. But, in our company, you will get an entire
Blue Sapphire for 18 thousand with the ring. But, it will be totally natural untreated
yellow sapphire or blue sapphire. or Emerald. All the three gemstones
are available in totally natural form untreated at
just 18 thousand rupees. along with the silver
Bhasma metal ring. Because I know that,
unless you wear the blue Sapphire your Ajna Chakra
will not get balanced. If, you have got the issue of the Ajna Chakra, There is no substitute. That made me
research more and more about natural gems. I tested on myself. I
tested on many people. Once I concluded that it’s a very,
very pure, natural effective. I source these. Basically
the therapeutic Yellow, Blue Sapphires and the
Emeralds that we sell; They are basically the same
rock from which you get the transparent. But I
sell the middle of the rock. People are selling the top of the rock. Of course, we have got the gemstones
which are very high priced also. We have got a complete range. We have got a collector
variety of gemstones also. But basically for my therapy,
I use these natural gemstones which come from
the middle of the rock. that is not for discarding. That is the same
round that is used for idols, clusters, etc. I use that for my therapy, for my
bracelets, for my combinations because I know the power of Yellow
Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby. I know how to make them work. So it is better to make them affordable,
so that people can wear them. Our ruby ring typically costs 5000. It’s a very very natural
and effective ruby. There are many people who come
to me very nice shiny rubies But sadly they are all glass fake. They don’t work. But if you wear a totally natural ruby, you
see the effect it has on your confidence. So typically, Our gemstones like Cat’s eye,
Coral, Ruby, Amethyst, Citrine all of them are priced between
3 to 5 thousand with ring. So, you can understand they are not very expensive.
They can be worn over body. Okay, yes any other question? Audience: What kind of rings should be
worn by the cancer patients or the mentally retarded children?
So how do you suggest them gem stones? See If people have got a particular disease then,
we have to first analyze their chakras. They might need a combination of
Rudraksha as well as gemstone. It is not possible to just see from a table.
Okay cancer this, this, this. not possible.. You have to analyze the person;
from where his disease is coming. After that you
can give them a combination. We have treated children who could
not talk, who could not speak. You know and we have
treated people with lot of severe issues using gemstone
and Rudraksha therapy.
00:11:39,784 –>00:11:46,053So, it is possible but we have to analyze
the root cause of the problem first. Audience: Same thing Ma’am, I would add… One of my friends had this disease called,
Thalassemia. So can it be cured or something can be done? Definitely… See everything that has happened
in this world is not to make you suffer. Either, you learn from the disease or maybe
you learn how to come out of the disease. So, definitely once we
understand the root cause of Thalassemia, because it’s a
blood disorder, right? – Right. – It means it definitely to
do with the Anahata and the root chakra Why root chakra? Because root chakra
is associated with bones, bone marrow. Bone marrow produces
these cells, corpuscles Treating the Muladhara and Anahata chakra can
definitely give her a lot of relief. Definitely, she will find the
number of times she goes to the doctor for blood transfusion.
It will definitely reduce. And as she grows up, if we are
able to do her counselling and make her release those imprints of
Karma, she can be treated. Every single person in the
world can be treated, if you can remove the imprints
of Karma from his brain. Because, the diseases are being
are created by the DNA imprints. And you have to do the belief clearing of
the individual to remove those imprints. Audience: (Inaudible) Yea…But understand that the DNA
transfers, no? However, your family thinks, you also
start thinking like that. It is a thinking process. Today, if your
mother was very worried, your mother has a habit of only getting worried, “why my children had not come?
All the time worried, worried, worried.” And spreading the worry all over.
You will get irritated. When you come back ‘Mumma
why do you worry so much?’ But when you grow up you’re the
same, worry, worry, worry. So, it’s a DNA. You know, you start
imbibing the same qualities from your parents. This aura photography, if you ask me,
frankly I don’t believe in it. Whatever this aura camera,
Aura photography what People are making. – Audience: Kirlian
This all Kirlian and all that. See Understand we are made up of
so many multitudes of colours. You please take your Kirlian photography..
You know… you please take a Kirlian photograph 10 times in a space of 1
hour. You will get 10 different pictures. You cannot be 10 different people. Yes, when you go to a supplier,
he will take your one photograph, freeze it, and give it to you.
Just like your horoscope. But you are not that photograph because
you are giving so many emotions. Just now you are sitting in
Chakra Yog, you are peaceful. Go back home to your wife,
your Aura has changed. Your children demand you. They show you
their report card, your aura is different. You go for shopping, aura is different.
Start eating food, aura is different. You watch television, aura is
different. You cannot be captured. So all these aura cameras and
all. They are something, because people feel okay, people are
seeing something. So they get excited. Today if I call an astrologer here, people
will run to him more than to me. 1000% I have to just call a magician, an astrologer
or even a Tota Wala (parrot astrologer). I will call a Tota Wala with a card. Everyone
will spend money on the Tota Wala. It’s Natural, no? You want to see what is magical,
mystical, easy. You like that magic. But it is a hard reality that
you have to gulp. That in life there is nothing that happens in the future.
Nothing is pre- written. You are the writer of your destiny.
You are the writer. To understand and realize
this are two different things. Today, you know it. Little bit you know that
I am a writer. But you don’t want to accept it. That is why today you blame. Why
I did not get this? Why did I not get this? Why
this person is in my life?
Why this is happening with me? Because you don’t believe you are the
writer, you are painter of your life. Because you don’t believe you
have given your controls to others and they are writing
the painting of your life. You are asking people’s opinions. You are
believing in what people are saying to you. You are looking outside and thinking
this is happening to me. And you are creating the
painting in your life without acknowledging
that you are the painter. It’s a very very hard decision to realize that
in life, it’s you alone. Only you and no one else. You are only one that
exists in this world. I exist as a movie in your world.
You exist as a movie in my world. You don’t
exist at all in my world. You are just a movie for me and
I’m just a movie for you. It’s the real truth of life, that
is very difficult to accept. I’ll tell you one fact of life, t what is life? Life is created because of Maya. Maya has created the whole life. What is Maya? Understand the whole life is
created because of maya. Maya means Kaamdev. Kaamdev means
incorrect definition. Incorrect definition
is Kaamdev. All this life is created because
of Kaam, because of lust. It’s because of
incorrect definition. In your life kaam is there at
every moment, every moment. Today, in your life
every moment is kaam. Every single thing for you
is kaam. You want to earn wealth. Why? Because
you want to enjoy life. You want to be comfortable.
You want to have a good house, want to have a good car.
That is kaam. You are eating food because you
enjoy it. What have you cooked today? You know you are eating
food, you are going out. Kaam. Today you wear good clothes thinking your friends
will see what clothes you have worn. I should look good. I should
look smart. That is Kaam. Whenever you buy anything
in life, it is Kaam. You’re watching, any movie or any
entertainment bit that is totally Kaam. and because of Kaamdev your
life is like a kaleidoscope. Have you seen a kaleidoscope? When you change its
different colours, as you change it, it makes a
different configuration. Yes or no? Sometimes this, sometimes that. That is Kaamdev. Because you have not seen
life through the correct frame, you’re not defining food as
purely for nourishing your body. You’re not defining your clothes as
purely for covering your skin. You’re not defining your job as purely for
exhibiting your true potential. You’re not defining your wife as someone who
has come to bring stability in your house. You are not defining money as an energy that
will enhance stability of your family. You are not defining entertainment
as something that will just divert your mind
and give you some relaxation. You’re defining entertainment as reality.
You’re defining reality as entertainment. That is the problem. That
is why you watch reality shows and get involved
with them like a movie. How serious everybody
is about Bigg Boss? Because you think reality is
illusion and illusion is reality. Because of this definition,
everybody is in Kaam. Till the time Kaamdev is there in
your life, you cannot achieve Shiva. You cannot achieve Mahadev. Because, you are looking at world
with kaleidoscope, in colours. And those colours are so mesmerizing, so
illusionary that you get lost in it. You are stunned, stunned. You know When KaamDev shoots an arrow, what
happens? The person gets stunned. When he gets stunned, he
is paralyzed. He can’t see. Today, suppose I offer
you a box of beautiful box of nice tasty chocolates
or whatever you love. As I offer, you know, you
will get stunned. You like it so much that you will pick
it and put it in your mouth. You’ll forget that
today you had kept a fast today. Because that time
you got stunned. Any Kaamdev related
Things tend to stun you. And while you are stunned,
you keep doing things, which you don’t know, which
you cannot control. Today if you are in a habit of
continuously buying things, then you keep on buying everything. You
are never satisfied. Because you are under the
illusion of Kaamdev. And then Kaamdev tells them, why,
why I can’t enjoy life? Why I can’t be happy? First, ask. Did you buy
that thing for enjoyment? Are you buying clothes, are you buying mobiles,
are you buying amenities for your enjoyment? No. You are buying for that purpose and through the
Purpose, enjoyment will come as a byproduct. Are you going to your office for comfort? Are
you going to your job/ business for money? No. You’re not going for
comfort and money. It’s a byproduct which comes when
you live your full potential. But what people do? They will go
to a job which is giving them more money without seeing whether the
potential lies there or not. Although, you know, if you
go to a job which utilizes your full potential, you
will get full salary. But today because of Kaamdev,
people are stunned. Because you are stunned. Your
thinking is distracted. Because it is distracted, you don’t
Know, you don’t know your direction. You’re separated.
You’re segregated. And you know that Maya comes in picture
when you don’t define correctly. When you don’t look through the correct lens, when
you look life through the kaleidoscope, Kaamdev has to be burnt, with Gyaan, with Chakra Yog, with Gyaan
Yog, The Kaamdev is burnt one by one. In Muladhara, you learn lessons.
I have to be stable. I have to work hard. I
have to train my body. You destroy the Kaamdev of relaxation,
procrastination, basically in Muladhara. In Swadhisthana, you
learn self-esteem. Nobody is more important to you. Today
you give more importance to another person in your life. It could be your family,
your spouse, your friend, your boss. You are in Kaamdev. Nobody can be you. Only you exist. So in
Swadhisthana Chakra, we teach you self-esteem. No. It’s only you. In Manipura chakra, we teach
you lessons of power. Again, otherwise you are in Kaam. You
are in illusion of power. You running after some
illusionary power or seat. Unless you don’t honour power, you
cannot destroy the power. So understand. Kaamdev exists in
every different chakra of yours. Creating the different distraction
because you don’t see the reality. You don’t see life as it
Is, black and white. Today I’ll ask you
a big question. Are you ready to destroy the
Pleasure’s in your life? Are you ready to
destroy the pleasure? Today I’ll ask you, are
you ready to eat food? Without thinking, it is going to
be excellent and you’ll enjoy. Are you ready? Ask yourself. Are you ready? You’ll eat food
without pleasure. Are you ready? You’ll wear
clothes but you’ll have no excitement that I’ve worn a
nice suit or a nice dress. You will drive a car but will not feel
excited that you are driving a nice car. Drive a car or auto
You will feel the same. Are you ready? In your
friendships, in your relationships You can talk to people without
feeling the pleasure? Because today you are talking to your
family and friends only for pleasure. Today if I tell you, you will talk to
them but there is going to be no pleasure. Are you ready? Ask your heart, are you ready? All activities you do, you sleep, you
sleep because you enjoy sleeping. You enjoy. That is why you don’t like to get
up in the morning. You feel lazy, Lets postpone the alarm by half an
hour or 1 hour more . The enjoyment you feel in
sleeping is Kaamdev. When you give a ride to someone in the morning,
and go together chatting, that is Kaamdev. In the office you try to
find time when your boss can’t see you and you talk
to someone on Facebook or chat with a co-worker. You wait for lunch break. That is Kaamdev. Hurriedly, you open your tiffin, order
snacks. That is Kaamdev. And gossip during lunch time. What did he say… this… that… gossip
gossip gossip… that is Kaamdev. Then you come home early. Take
your kids out or watch T.V. Will do this, do that, relax…
That is Kaamdev. Ask yourself first, are you ready
to destroy Kaamdev? It is very big decision
because if you really want to be spiritual, if you want to
go on the spiritual path, firstly, you have to
destroy Kaamdev. You are sleeping
because you enjoy it. You are going to office because
you want to earn money. You are gossiping
because you enjoy. You are eating food
because you enjoy. Are you ready to destroy
that Kaamdev? You will have fear in your heart. What fear comes? I want
to know from you. Audience: The best part of
life is gone… Yes… First, understand the question. Because unless there is the fire of knowledge
Kaamdev can’t be destroyed. Today you think, if I destroy
everything. All pleasure. What is the point of this life then? Yes or no? You’ll feel if talking to friends is
not fun anymore, why should I talk to them? If there is no enjoyment
in eating, why should I eat food? If the charm of earning money is missing,
why should I go to office? If there is no desire, to earn, earn more money and to
Get a promotion then why should I work hard? These are Kaamdev’s words. Kaamdev’s words these are. When you eat to nourish your body, number
One, you will eat the right food. It will be good. It will be blissful. It will be tasty. It will
give you enjoyment also. When you go to the office to live your
Full potential, the joy in living that full potential The passion that comes with it, you’ll never realize
how the day went by you will enjoy the passion so much.. And that will translate
into money. The appreciation, the
promotion, the acknowledgement. That will definitely
give you joy and bliss. Today, when you talk to your friend, basically
to make him understand you, understand you. And transact some useful
energy and information between you. Not for gossiping about somebody. Today
you notice, if you gossip. Please notice yourself after the
gossip. Your energy is gone. You are totally energy
less. They suck up your energy. Today, if you talk to your friend for the
purpose of exchanging information. Like, you know more about this. Tell me something what do you suggest…
When you exchange information with your friend you see how much it energizes you
are. You have so many ideas. Today, if you start looking at everything, exactly
as it is, you are going to office, because it is an opportunity
to give you potential. You are eating food because you
have to keep your body healthy. There is no use of
eating chole bhatura. Nice, tasty, chole bhatura and
having that enjoyment for 10 minutes and after that feeling lazy
and sleeping for three hours. It’s bad. It’s really bad. Yes? Yes. What is the use of that
chole bhatura? You know Kaamdev puts
flowers into his arrows. What are actual flowers? They give temporary happiness.
You see them today, tomorrow. Day after tomorrow, they will
Soon stink and you’ll throw them. It is a temporary happiness. Today, whatever you have defined in your life,
is giving you temporary happiness only. Everything is giving you
temporary happiness. The day you remove the
temporary happiness, you will get permanent
happiness. Permanent! Because that same temporary
happiness is an arrow that hurts. The Chole bhatura
hurts, the gossip hurts. You go to a company for money, you
take a wrong decision. You work somewhere where
you are all the time put down, people tell you,
you are not good enough. because it’s not
your potential. That arrow made of
flower, pricks. So understand, the day you are ready
to give up the pleasures in life, you will automatically give
up the pains in life. And then you will have to look at everything
in your life as black and white. That Kaleidoscope looks
very good, very hypnotizing; You feel that you want to get lost in it. that music, smell,
taste, touch, sight. That is so beautiful that you
want to get lost in it. It’s a kaleidoscope, you enjoy
that so beautifully. But understand the day you
are ready, ask yourself. If you are ready, then actually all these chakra
Yoga classes will be meaningful Because when you are ready, you are ready
to throw away the colours in your life and look at life in
black and white. Because with black and white,
reality comes. Truth comes. And when truth comes, bliss
comes automatically. It comes with that. So you know Many people take
short cuts in life. If you see Jain monks, what do they do? They attack
Kaamdev straightaway. In Chakra Yoga, what we do? We
take you through Gyaan Yoga. I took you from
Muladhara to Sahasrara. Most of the people sitting
in this room, you know, you are very serious people. You have
come from Muladhara to Sahasrara. You have to understand Kaamdev
will find many other people. But for Shiv, there are
very limited people. Because not many people
are ready to take that challenge in their life,
to achieve the Shiv Tatva. So what happens is we in Chakra Yoga, take you from
Muladhar to Swadhisthan to Manipura till Sahasrara. We
take you through Gyaan yog. As you get aligned in the Gyaan Yoga, you
correct every mirror of your kaleidoscope. But if you do it seriously, all your colours will get balanced.
Eventually all 7 colours together make white. If you balance all the seven
Chakras, also it is white. So either you balance all the 7
Chakras, you will remove Kaamdev. You start looking everything
in the right way. What is the meaning of
Muladhara, stability; Swadhisthana, unions. You start looking life exactly
as it is in black and white. You have to delete the word
enjoyment from your life. Till you go for enjoyment
you’ll go for Kaamdev. But till you go for the inherent
purpose, you will go for bliss. You have to choose, what
you want to go for? If you want to go for permanent happiness
and bliss, you have to choose that path. And basically what I was saying, the Jain Sadhvis, the
monks, they straight attack Kaamdev. What do Jain sadhvis do? Have you seen? They just
walk barefoot with small bag. Yes or no? They say your money, your comfort
does not matter to me at all. Kaamdev tries to make them
greedy, saying wear velvet chappals. Take some rest, go by flight or go by car. They say ‘no, I’ll walk on
Road as I’m made for’ so they keep walking. they don’t care
About food, thirst… they don’t care about any of the worldly comforts. She attacks Kaamdev at so many levels.
Every flower that he shoots, the 7 coloured flower, she throws
all of them aside one by one. I don’t care about this. You come I
don’t bother, I’ll walk barefoot. Self-esteem. Of course,
I have self-esteem leaving my house. I live for my own self.
I’m not living for anybody. Manipura, I’m not
dependent on anybody. I’m not dependent on
Anybody Anahata. My heart is pure. Vishuddha No
words, I express feelings. Ajna chakra, I accept
everybody; bad and good. They only walk and naturally
they get enlightenment. All of them achieve
enlightenment. Because today in this world, if
you have done the work of a monk, you have destroyed
fully the Kaamdev. Next birth will be
enlightened birth. You will take birth as a scientist, artist, poet.
Whatever you are made for. From birth only you
will be that, because in last birth you
have destroyed Kaamdev. So even if in this birth, you
have lived like a monk, or you have lived like a
sadhvi or you have lived like a saint; Who has renunciated from everything?
You can destroy that Kaamdev but eventually you
have to live your identity. Your identity is not
necessarily of a guru. You are not necessarily a
preacher, or writer or a guru. You will take birth again
but after that it will be the enlightened birth; what
you are truly made for. That is why for many people – from childhood,
they have immense talents. Yes or no? They are
gifted children. From childhood only they
have all the talents. Because they have already
destroyed in the previous birth. In this birth, they have
just come to work. They have just come to live
the enlightened living. Clear? We the Shiv Is never seen without the presenc e of Kamdev.
After the Kaamdev is destroyed, you will find Shiv behind. Behind there, are Shiv and
Parvati, behind is the Shivling. That is it. So Any one wants to ask something?
Audience: (Inaudible) Exactly for its
inherent purpose. -Audience: There all also many grey things
in life. The grey things you
have to release. Whatever is grey, grey is the
fear. You have release that fear. Any question anyone has? Audience: What do right and left gems
mean, going in right and left? Of course, you know, you have
to understand what are you? You are Shiv and
Shakti together. Your right part is Shiv
and left part is Shakti. Gems of Shakti specifically
come to the left. Purush gems come to the right. Gems are made for right and left. Okay. – Audience: How to get stability
in black and white? You will get stability in black and
white, when you remove the fears. Why you can’t give yourself to the inherent
self? Because you have many definitions, many fears. Remove each of your fears and as you remove the fears, you
will develop contentment. – Audience: We are very determined, but we are
forgetting also. We are not aware. You know the world is very
systematic. If you go within, today you are getting the lectures
from outside, right? But understand Within you, also, there is a
systematic lesson going on. Things I’m telling you might
not affect you today. But when you’ll get the lesson, it will immediately match
and you will learn the lesson in a flash. So whatever you are learning, it’s
already in your Chitta. It will not go. It is possible you will
not learn what I told you today. But when your time comes, it will
immediately coincide and immediately open. So most important is the
inner lesson you get. Be focused within
and automatically that lesson will go on. It will
keep on evolving you. Because your guru already
knows your direction. Your guru knows where you want to go. Surrender
to the guru. He will take you there. And guru is no one
else but you. The real fact is you have
to listen to yourself. You have to listen to
yourself and no one else. Thank you so much. Happy Diwali.

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