5 thoughts on “Anachrony: Fractures of Time – Playthrough [Part 2] – slickerdrips”

  1. "If any game is okay to have take-backs in, it's Anachrony, right?" LOL.
    I love Anachrony, and cannot wait to get this expansion.

  2. Looks to be that you forgot the bonuses when recruiting from the main board? Also two points extra at the end for Marty from upgrade card for each super project and two for you for your two red buildings (you may have counted them when adding evac points up at the end). Great playthrough though 🙂 very excited for this!

  3. Nice playthrough! You are making a minor and pretty common mistake: you should reveal super projects from next era every era (starting from era 1), so every time projects from era 1 to the next era are revealed. This makes planning for the expensive SP easier, expecially when you decide what die to set up during research

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