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If a person breaks their ankle, and the bones
no longer line up with each other, a doctor may need to perform a surgical procedure to
reposition and secure the bones. The ankle is the joint that connects the leg and the
foot. The ankle joint includes the two lower leg bones called the tibia and fibula, and
the ankle bone called the tailus. Together, the end of the tibia and fibula create a whartos
or “slot” for the talus which forms the bottom of the ankle joint. Tissues called
ligaments and tendons support the ankle bones. Ligaments attach bones to bones, and tendons
attach muscles to bones. The ankle joint allows the foot to move up and down. Ankle injuries
usually happen during athletic activities, falls, or car accidents. The most common type
of ankle fracture occurs when the foot turns inward, and the ankle rotates outward. If
the fracture is stable, the pieces of bone still line up in their normal position. In
any type of fracture, more than one bone may break. In a displaced fracture, the pieces
of bone no longer line up. If bone breaks through the skin, it’s known as a compound
or “open” fracture. In addition to broken bones, the ankle may be sprained. This means
the ligaments have been stretched or torn. If the ankle is very swollen, the surgeon
may delay a surgical procedure to allow the swelling to go down. During this time, the
surgeon may put the ankle in a splint to provide support. During this time, the surgeon may
recommend elevating the ankle above the level of the heart and applying ice to it. To treat
a stable ankle fracture, the healthcare provider may put the leg in a cast or a boot to keep
the ankle from moving so that the bones can heal together. Displaced and compound fractures
with multiple broken bones and torn ligaments may require a surgical procedure. The most
common surgical procedure to repair a displaced open fracture is called an open reduction
with internal fixation. To begin, the surgeon will make an incision over the area of the
fracture. The surgeon will open up the area to feel the pieces of bone and line them back
up with each other. A plate and screws will be used to keep them aligned. Additional screws
may be inserted through another incision to hold other fracture fragments in place. If
the ligaments holding the tibia and fibula together are severly damaged, the surgeon
will place a screw through both bones, or a suture device may be placed through both
bones. Either of these devices will help hold the bones together while the ligaments heal.
At the end of the procedure, the surgeon will close any skin incisions with stitches.

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  1. I had an open reduction done early yesterday! Fascinating stuff. I didn't hurt any ligaments but i did get the plates and screws inserted.

  2. How did I not do this to my ankle?
    I jumped up and landed on it and it completely turned inward but no injury besides it being sprained
    Am I lucky??

  3. What happen if after surgery and we are healthy after the surgery and we can play basketball again. And how about we got ankle again ?

  4. What do they do when both tibia and fibula broke into 2 pieces and the talus into 4 because that happened to me during an accident last year.

  5. This happens to me during p.e. I started crying saying “I can’t walk” my friends understood by my teacher said “STAND UP I KNOW U CAN WALK” . So I I was limping but ofc I thought it would be ok. Meanwhile a few days later is happend again. It was more serious so I went to the emergency room and they put a wrap around it I rest my foot and it was better. Ofc I won’t forgive my teacher but it is what it is. Thank goodness it wasn’t worst. Let’s just hope it won’t happen again cuz I can get really rough. 1 like= 1 prayer 🙏

  6. Yeah my ankle got crush when a car out of nowhere ram me and sent me flying across the road………well I am ok now but I can't run fast anymore……….

  7. i remember when I sprained my ankle, I folded it all the way and it hurt so bad getting up. I asked my dad if I could go to the doctor and he said “no, you’re fine, stop complaining”
    Now I have problems with running sometimes because I never took proper treatment
    (this might be different for others)

  8. Just broke my foot and my ankle- get to see ortho in 3 days…
    7 months pregnant, as well…and a three year old and an 8 year old at home.
    Let me tell you –
    Life just got super shitty.

  9. I'm suffer in this situation as shows in video my right side small bone is breaked and with the help of plates and screws it can be fixed and after 1.5 years it can be removed it's very painful 😒😒

  10. Once the bone heals why don't they operate again and remove the metal and screws, as they will cause pain and discomforts specially in winter.

  11. Ugh idk if I’ve sprained or fractured my ankle. Today I fell and twisted my ankle. In all honesty it dosent hurt to much and there’s not even a swell or bruising.. I think I’m just over thinking this and there is probably nothing even wrong with it 😂

  12. I took quite the fall, it hurts really bad without even moving it. When so fell I heard a really loud snapping crack, and it hurt extremely bad doing anything. I sprained my other ankle and this just feels different.

  13. Everyone else: thank you, as a student studying this, this helped me a lot.

  14. I broke my ankle and I popped very loudly it became very swollen and then then two months later I had to get two surgeries on it

  15. i'm only here because my foot rolled while in the shower when i slipped and now i have some bilateral fracture in my fibula and the bone next to it added on to messed up ligaments. it's been 8 weeks in a boot, 5 days in a cast in which fire ants crawled up for 2 days and ate my leg, and now i might need surgery 🤠

  16. Now I have an idea what two plates and ten screws look like in my ankle, minus all that bloody gore.

  17. Well mine was a motorcycle accident and I still can’t find those guys who did this to me 😭😭😭😭 now I have 2 screws and 1 plate in my ankle

  18. I sprained my ( right) ankle bad about 3 years ago. About 4 months after that a lightly sprained the (left) ankle. thankfully I only need a rap for my right ankle. unfortunately my right ankle never healed right. sometimes it still hurts. I feel for anything else who hurt their ankle. it was one of the worst days of my life.

  19. I had an ankle surgery about 6 month back and now I have two screws in my ankle. I can walk and run but when foot bends unexpectedly towards outside it really hurts and feels like it will remain same all the time. SO what should I do for such situations and can I go back to sports?

  20. I fell and broke both my ankles. My excellent doctor was able to perform surgery on both my ankles at the same time. It's nice to see exactly what he did through animation to help me heal.

  21. Hii all I'm undergone for a spine t.b surgery with decompression but I can't find any video on you tube can anyone help me with full details about spine t.b surgery nd recovery exercises

  22. So this is what happened to Chester Bennington since 4 years ago. He just jump in the concert and accidentally broke his ankle. Right?

  23. broke my ankle yesterday, lucky i didnt need surgery, but that fucking animation made me cringe and hold my cast for dear life

  24. Are you supposed to go back to get the metal plate and screws out? Do they get corroded if left there for life?

  25. Watching this at 4 am and I can feel that my ankle hurts. Lol * I actually had 2 ankle sprained on my left ankle.* 😂😭

  26. This is literally what broke and they did to me. Almost 6 weeks post surgery. Feels like it never happened and almost feels like i can walk again.

  27. I have been that a long time ago i was going down the stairs and i accendently did that to my ankle and it really hurts so much but i dint x ray and few hours later it recover that was quick im maybe lucky or not

  28. I broke my fibula and have an ankle sprain badly 😭😭 currently this is my 3rd week today I removed my plaster wish me good luck so that I recover soon😭😭😭

  29. Before 11month back I met an accident in that i have an ankle fracture of bimolleolar (tibla-fibular) after surgery it completely 11month happens till now i am not able to rotate my foot completely… So that iam not able to concentrate on my work… Recommend what to do…

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