Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative colitis, Weight gain, Fracture & Bone healing

Greeting Dharampal Singh ji. Greeting Sir You are at Doctor Vikram’s clinic right now. Your treatment has been going on for a long time. Tell me how long have you been taking treatment and what problem do you have? I had Ulcerative colitis. Ok. My medications started on 4/11/2017 and continued till 7/03/2019. After your treatment for ulcerative colitis, is it fully cured now? Yes. When did it cure? I took the medicines till 07/03/2019 and after that, it was discontinued. Okay, after that the problem completely recovered. Yes After that, what kind of follow up are you taking from Dr. Vikram sir? I had loose motions and also had a lot of calcium deficiency, due to which my left knee was fractured. I took allopathy medicines from Rajindra hospital in Patiala. They gave me pills, painkillers and after taking them my loose motion problem started increasing. Then I came to Dr. Vikram and showed him my X-ray report. He gave me Bone support, two for the morning and two for the evening, in a day. Ok, Bone support Capsules. After 20 days, my knee became very swollen but later the swelling subsided and then completely dissipated. Ok, after that you stopped taking allopathic medicines, painkillers? Yes When I came to Dr. Vikram, I came with my stick. I used to walk with a stick. I took bone support capsules for 20 days and after 20 days I started walking without a stick. My knee is completely healed and the swelling has completely gone. Now I can walk normally. It is a matter of great pleasure, Dr. Vikram cured two of your problems. Now it is the month of July and you have come to see the doctor again. Now for which problem you are following Dr. Vikram’s treatment. Two months ago, I came for a weight loss problem. Due to two health issues, I lost a lot of weight. Yes, weight loss occurs in Ulcerative colitis It came down to 62 kg. Then I came to Dr. Vikram and he gave me the “Weight Gain Formula”. I took one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. Now I have come after two and a half months and my weight has increased to 70 from 62 kg. It is a matter of great pleasure. Has the weight gain formula shown any effect on your other illnesses? No, there were no side effects. I did not have any problem with this. Well, you didn’t have any side effects and you gained weight naturally. Yes Have you been using this “Weight Gain Formula” of Dr. Vikram from the last two months? Yes, from last two months. How many doses do you take? I take one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening. I have your prescription with me. “Dharam Pal Singh, age 60 years”. You take some general medicines with weight gain formula. Yes Any message you want to convey to the viewers. You can use this “Weight Gain Formula” in the morning and evening. It is very effective. I got very good results. Today’s young generation does not take proper diet and uses artificial powder to gain weight, that has no effects. What do you want to tell them? Visit doctor Vikram and get yourself treated. You will gain weight naturally. Thank you Dharam pal ji, you told us everything in detail. Thank you ji. Thank you.

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