Benefits of Okra Water for Diabetes, Weight Loss and More!

Okra’s chances of ending up on a list of the
most hated foods are very high. Several people don’t like the way it tastes
and think that the sticky liquid it produces is gross. But okra is actually highly nutritious and
full of health benefits. In today’s video, we’re going to talk about
okra’s health benefits, and share an okra water recipe that helps regulate blood sugar
and cholesterol levels, and can even help you lose weight. Eating okra helps you lose weight
That sticky liquid present in the okra is actually called mucilage. It’s rich in fibers and keeps you full for
longer periods of time. Furthermore, okra is low in calories and has
a low glycemic index. Okra is good for people with diabetes
Studies performed with okra have shown that it can reduce blood sugar and lipid levels. It’s good for your cardiovascular system
High cholesterol levels can cause plaque to form in the arteries, leading to heart attacks
and strokes. Okra is rich in fibers and mucilage, which
can reduce cholesterol. Furthermore, since it contains potassium,
it controls high blood pressure, a risk factor when it comes to heart disease. It improves digestion
The fiber found in okra is great for both your intestine and liver. It improves the movement of the food in the
gastrointestinal tract and eliminates the fats and toxins from the body. It strengthens your immune system
Since it’s rich in antioxidants, okra can prevent several diseases caused by free radicals. Furthermore, since it’s rich in vitamin C,
it stimulates the immune system. Some studies have shown that okra has anti-cancer
properties that reduce breast cancer cell proliferation and prevent colon cancer. Now that you know a little about okra’s benefits,
we’re going to share a good way to consume this plant and benefit from its properties. The best way to consume okra is through okra
water. Apart from the benefits we’ve already talked
about, this water can relieve constipation, aid digestion, strengthen your bones, serve
as an anti-inflammatory, and prevent anemia. Ingredients 4 pieces of okra;
200 milliliters of water. Instructions Cut off the ends of the okra pieces and throw
them away. Cut the okra pieces in half. Put them in the water and let them soak during
the night. Drink the water on an empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes before eating again.

16 thoughts on “Benefits of Okra Water for Diabetes, Weight Loss and More!”

  1. My dad was an okra eater he had no problem eating it with its slim…me, on the other hand…um, Lord help me.

  2. this is not the way to make okra dish. you don't cut it. becaus all the sticky texture come becaus the cuting

  3. I'm glad that i found this remedy from your video ….. thank you so much!! Okra is my favorite but i cook them …. this remedy raw Okra !! I'm Diabetic ….. i hope this remedy will help my sickness!!

  4. Im eating it now blanch okra with 1 medium fresh tomatoe and 1 boiled egg…my dinner😊 glad to know that it will help me for my weight loss..😊

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