Benefits of Turmeric for Kidney Patients | Can Turmeric (हल्दी) Cure Kidney Disease | Turmeric Spice

Friends, let us talk about a spice that is
commonly used in your foods on daily basis and has been a
part of herbs and shrubs in Ayurveda, It is popularly known as “Haldi” It is enriched with nutrients that are beneficial
for a normal person and a diseased. It is easily and widely available in India
and there are multiple ways to use it. When a person suffers
from kidney diseases then the kidneys reach the level of kidney failure
gradually. The functioning of kidneys decreases
and because of this only, a patient has to watch
over how and what type of minerals he is consuming. These minerals
generally goes into the body by the consumption
of food and which is why he needs to take precautions
about what to eat and what to avoid in such
circumstances. By doing this will help in the recovery from
kidney diseases or else these diseases will take a rage and may become a reason for your
death During kidney diseases, patients may come
across the thought that “Is turmeric beneficial
for kidneys as well?” So friends, Turmeric is
a orange-yellow colored spice that we consume daily through our diet.
In Indian dishes, it is being used widely. It gives a yellow color
to the dish but also it has its own taste. Although a lot of tests
have been conducted that you cannot consume turmeric during kidney
diseases but you can add a pinch of turmeric in your
diet and you can sense its benefits gradually. It effects the complications of kidney diseases
along with the recovery of kidney diseases. You must
be knowing that during such conditions multiple complications comes along affecting
the kidneys that are popularly known as “side-effects”
Turmeric prevents a patient from such side
effects and complications. When kidneys fail then the
kidney functioning decreases below the normal range. In such
cases, a kidney patient may observe multiple symptoms and may face
certain complications like digestive problems, Obstruction in the blood flow, fluid retention and heart diseases. Their cholesterol levels
will always be higher and will have severe headache. Here the nutrients
of turmeric helps in fighting such symptoms & complications.
Turmeric helps in fighting depression that is considered
as a powerful impact. It refrain you from mental stress and as
you know that when a patient suffers from a deadly disease
like kidney failure, he must be worried a
lot about the case in such case, turmeric helps in keeping a
patient away from the stress and related
complications. it also keeps the mind active, which prevents
from falling into depression. If you are suffering from digestive problems
then it will increase the temperature of your
body and boosts the functioning of the digestive system.
The digestive system of the body gets boosted
when the body suffers from stomach problems, in
such conditions turmeric reaches to the core
and boost the process of digestive system and
prevents from constipation. and because of which we may face the problems
of gas, heart burn or chest pain. The problem of gas occurs
on the parts/organs where it travels to and
gets accumulated. Possibilities are that it may cause stomach
ache, chest pain and back pain During kidney diseases, the functioning drops
so low that you may feel that you have a diarrhea. It
means frequent vomiting & nausea You will lose your appetite and may feel
like jaundice you will not be able to digest anything.
Fever is the another common problem among
kidney patients. In such cases, the antiseptic
properties of turmeric can prevent you from
various bacteria and fever, but the utmost benefit
of turmeric is that it stops the inflammation. Consumption
of turmeric prevents inflammation and which is why turmeric latte recovers
the injuries and diseases because of which it is recommended to kidney
patients as well kidneys that are diseased, consumption of
turmeric can help with that We all know that during kidney diseases,
95% of kidney patients suffers from inflammation and if you will consume turmeric in right
amounts then you can prevent the further loss and will
have a speedy recovery. But untill when you will take care of a kidney
patient like this? You will need Karma Ayurevda’s expertise. Here, Dr. Puneet
Dhawan and a team of experts have cured thousands of kidney patients. Let us meet
one such patient (Dr. Puneet Dhawan) If we look at the creatinine
level observed just before dialysis 6.1 mg/dl when on dialysis for every 10-11 days of the month (Patient) was on dialysis (Dr. Puneet Dhawan) the reports are of 4th,
and then the creatinine was 12 mg/dl and was on dialysis for twice a
week and the creatinine was high and reached around
12 mg/dl and now the need of dialysis has
reduced and so the creatinine. So did you see how
the Ayurvedic knowledge of Karma Ayurveda
has cured the patient. We hope that you have
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  1. Sir my creatinine is 0.79 is it ok or not or sometimes i feel pain in my heart and there is protein and blood trace in my urine(R/M) test so,is there any problem in my kidney

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