Type 1 diabetes – it’s about being very vigilant. At the time of my son’s diagnosis, the biggest surprise was how unsophisticated the devices were. I realized that this could be better. After my son was diagnosed, we found ourselves with a very changed life. I set off to develop some tools – first for our family. It’s what fundamentally inspired me to
start, with Bryan, Bigfoot Biomedical. It’s a whole new paradigm of care. He’d actually tied it all together by hacking into an insulin pump, hacking into a continuous glucose monitor, and actually creating the world’s first ambulatory real-world artificial pancreas. Type 1 Diabetes is a different disease when you’ve got an automated
insulin delivery system. We’re giving them the help through smart technology. The founders of Bigfoot Biomedical all have a personal connection to type 1 diabetes. We are very much developing a system
that we want our loved ones to be able to use. We’re literally going to
transform life with this disease.

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