Bionicle: Fault and Fracture. Episode 2 – Tenacity

[Huh… This guy seems…] COME ON, BITCH! [Oh…] So…That’s how your greet strangers… Oh… *psycho noises* I guess I should fight seriously Give up, pretty one! Here… I… COME! Eeh?? Ehm… Is he dead? Well… I’m tired… … *sleeps* I guess we’re friendly now… So… This is the new guy. Marix, right? Yep Are you sure it was a good idea to bring him here? Well… I convinced Vortax that this guy isn’t the problem. For now, at least And besides, we need new people for work as it is Oh, yeah, right, he could be of use Hey, maybe we should invite him here? We can… He won’t really understand our speech though But… We have you, right? Hmm… [Ay, Marix!] [What?] [You wanna join us?] [I guess…] Khe… Marix [You know me already. This is Demol and this guy over here, he is Kruer] [Alright] … Eeh… [You may have some questions for us, I suppose] [Yeah, I don’t wanna be… eeh… You know, I’m kind of hungry] [Can I have something to eat… please?] *laughs grandfatherly* [Oh, yes, of course, how rude of us. You’re our guest here, and we didn’t even invite you to eat] What’s that? Oi, Kruer! Could you bring us some food? Hey, you can do that yourselves! Why me? Please… Don’t be the rear end of a donkey. We have a guest here, you know? Eeeh… God damn strangers… Can’t even… Hey, what’s with that attitude? Why are you so mad? It’s… We’re at war now, you know And now you’re bringing a weird alien in here, and even want to share our food with him! So? He’s nothing to be upset about. Maybe you… Maybe you just had a bad day or something? Well I… You’re probably right. I… I guess I overreacted… Whatever… It’s alright. As long as you bring us our dinner Fine, fine! I’m goin’ already Thanks! Yeah, whatever… So.. You heard about Shargnn? What about him? He learned this new ability! Now he can enter people’s bodies for a couple of seconds. Can you imagine? And? What’s so special about that? I mean, he is a dude… No, no, I didn’t mean that! I’m talking about his dark magic, old fool Like… Taking control over someone by possessing a body *laughs* I’m just messing with you, Demol. And that’s great that Shargnn is making his way to the top I think he can actually become the next “EE Squad” member with his… “Shadow phase” and his overall ambition Yeah, guy’s crazy. Hey, Agaem? Wha? Why don’t Kruer and I have any abilities? Like, magic and stuff. I mean… Only a handful of us soenians can do something cool. You’re universal translator, Shargnn is a decent mage already. And of course I’m not going “EE” guys Well… Not everyone is born equal. You know… Our people were always like that I, for example, wasn’t always capable of reading thoughts. I trained myself a lot And I was also raised in a family of mages, like Vortax Here, our family heritage means a lot Exactly! But you shouldn’t be getting so sad and depressed over it. Everyone has something “cool” about them You’re considered fairly strong among us, Kruer is reliable and a kind person A bit too hot tempered maybe, but… You know Hey… Do you mean I’m not reliable or kind? When did I say that, Demol? Like… Now that you mention… Ahh, forget those sad thoughts, we’re on our day off, relax! Yeah… [Nice guys. I hope they won’t alienate me Maybe we can find common ground. Hey, they’re even willing to share their food with me Maybe not for free but still… I wonder what those three guys think about me Should I offer them help defending their home in this war? Wait… I know nothing about this war. I think I need to…] I’m here. Here’s our dinner. I hope he can eat nefta, because I didn’t prepare anything else for him In this case, you can share your dinner with him No, that’s not fair! I want to eat this myself! I tried so hard to boil this so it would be perfect for my taste So you didn’t try for us then? Eeh… *laughs again* Just sit and eat your food, please [Yeah, you can eat. This is nefta] [A what?] [Basically, it’s a fish. You know what a fish is?] [Oh, yeah, thanks. By the way, can you, like, tell me about this war you’re engaged in?] [Oh, okay. I think you should know this. I suppose you’re not a spy…] [Yeah, we’ve been over this] [You’ll understand the reasons for our mistrust after you’ll hear the whole story] [Yeah, alright. Can we go someplace now? So we won’t be distracted… I mean… So that we won’t bother those two?] [Alright] Hm? [So… Basically it all began two years ago when our king, Frouros, and a saligian emperor, Ishem tried to steal the life energy of a star called Tetra] [They both wanted to provide their planets and planned to store the energy within themselves, but they had a dispute. The Emperor wasn’t so content about them sharing this energy…] [Wait, wait, wait, what? How do
they manage to store the energy of a whole star inside their bodies?] [How should I know?] [Ehm… ookay…] [Alright, where was I?… Ah, yes… So!] [They had a fight, which led to an energy blast that burned down all of Saligia’s surface] [Thus the Emperor holds a grudge against our king, because Frouros didn’t want to give Ishem the power he thought belonged to him] [Ooh..] [Yeah] [But… Did the Emperor alone kill all your people? Is he still doing that?] [You said that saligians are a hostile race, so that means…] [Yes, he isn’t the only one that survived. I don’t know about the others, but I guess it was either their physiology or just good fortune that led to some of them remaining alive. I know there aren’t many of them left, but still – their forces may be stronger than ours] [Right, well… Where are they right now? Why aren’t they attacking?] [Hmm… Well… They don’t know where our king is located right now. In fact – only the “EE squad” knows his whereabouts. I only know that he is
guarded by Laeta] [Who’s that?] [Laeta, the night of Death. Probably the strongest among the Squad. I’ve never seen her fight, but judging from the fact that Frouros allows only her to protect him…] [Oh, I see…] [Maybe he’s simply just dating her, you know! *laughs in his thoughts* That would actually make a whole lot more sense. She’s a pretty girl, you know. Not my type, really, but still…] [Right…] [Anyways! So… you asked where they are now? Well, I don’t really know. I can only try and guess…] Agaem? What? Come with me. He told me about an alien he saw outside not far away from here Eegh… By that “alien” do you mean this guy? No, obviously. You consider a couple meters away from yourself being “outside not far away”? Well, no, it’s just… Wait… Who is this guy? That’s Marix. He isn’t a problem. We already talked about him with Vortax Oh… He’s an alien as well, you say? It’s a long story. I’ll tell you everything on our way to the… Other alien Let’s go then Alright [Wait for me here. I need to attend to another… eh… issue] [Eeh… Today is really a strange day…] Wait, wait Ooh… That’s better… I’m coming, friend! *evil laughter* *evil laughter intensifies* …and, so far, that’s all we really know about it Right… Ah, this is her? Who else could it be? I don’t know. I guess… Talk to her Ehheh… [Greetings, stranger! Who are ya?] [Hmm… Name’s Xia Anne. What is this place? Where am I right now?] [This is a planet Soen, in a Kotor galaxy] [So… You’re reading my mind because I wouldn’t understand your language?] [Yes, that’s… That’s right] Eh, Foa? Tie her up. And be sure to tie her… well I see… [Ehm… So you don’t trust me then?] [Clearly, yes. You’re an alien and we have some difficulties concerning suspicious strangers No offence in any way, shape or form – it’s just a security measure] [I understand…] [You came through the portal as well?] [Yes, how did you know?] [We already encountered a guy from another planet who came from one. I guess he’s not from the same planet as ye are, but… wait where are you from exactly?] [Ganmor] [Eeh, okay… Never heard of it. But I hope you’re not making this name up] [Can you tell this woman to let me go? Do I really look that suspicious to you?] [Well, to be honest… I have a bad hunch concerning ya. I don’t want to seem biased or hostile to you in any way, shape or form But still – I need to clarify what we should do with you to our king. For right now we can’t let you go free] [Is it my tail? You seem to be interested by it] [What’s a tail?] [It’s a part of my body, growing from the back] [Oh, this… Ehh, well… Let’s just say that…] Agaem, stop fucking chatting with her. We’re going back and I’m taking her as a prisoner We’ll decide her fate later Sheesh, all right, Foa, do what you think is right. Just so you know, I was trying to get as much information as I could out of her Oh, really? I thought you were trying to seduce her, perv Who, me? *laughs* Foa, Foa. That’s a pretty bold assumption you made Don’t judge others based on your spoiled thoughts Course you know better… I was joking, by the way Sure you were Go to hell, Agaem. You know that I’m allowed to beat the shit out of you despite you being the valuable member of our community, right? Huh, well… I’m sure you won’t feel bad for attacking an old senile fool such as I I don’t feel bad if someone’s asking for it. And you’re not that old – you’re not even 300 Hmm… My memory may not be that good today, but I don’t remember myself asking to be beaten Oh, God, will you stop, Agaem? Even though this alien called you a woman, you’re still an immature girl on the inside I wonder why you’re one of the Squad sometimes Agaem… I’m warning you… Oh, wait, I know the answer! Agaem! [Stop fighting, will you? I’m still here, remember?] [Oh, right, you. Yeah, so… Now you will be taken into custody for a while. There we will continue our talk] Foa, listen. I know you had a hard time back in the day, but please, take things easier, we’re all your allies. Forget those bad memories! We can all support you, and I’m sorry for my assault on your squad position. Guess I overreacted as well Yeah, okay… Forget it… I… Ehm… We should get going already [Hey, Xia Anne. We’re going now. Come] So far we’ve lost contact with two squads that were sent to the portal Do they really want to assemble a third? Who will agree to do this, seriously? I guess we’re about to find out… *hyped*

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  1. Wow your intro is BRUTAL! And oh my god the episode was awesome!! Seriously, I’m impressed by absolutely every aspect of this episode!

  2. ah yes, I see you're going for a "highly optimized" approach to the thumbnail. Gotta set those audience expectations just right before you give 'em that bloodbath of an intro. Seems like you've captured exactly the sort of tone you're going for with this series!

  3. Hey comrade, I know this language, but ты вроде что-то говорил про субтитры, но их нет…

  4. Мне нравица серый челик с одним синим глазом. Его классно озвучили и сделали харизматичным.

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