Bone Graft & Dental Implants in Alexandria LA: Mike | Alexandria Oral Surgery

Well, I got a referral from the dentist, and
he recommended it, and I sure appreciate his recommendation because it certainly worked
out well. As an old man past 60 years old, I began having
some problems with a molar here and there, and subsequently, I’ve had three different
molars replaced with the implants, and I’m extremely happy with them. I was somewhat nervous when I first started
coming here, but my fears were quickly allayed. It was absolutely painless; I was really amazed. Well, the procedure’s extremely easy because
they do all the work, and you just lay there. It was just amazing. When you call it recovery, it was really nothing
to recover from as far as I’m concerned. Dr. Smith is about as nice a guy as you could
ever meet. He is a real personable fella. He couldn’t be more informative or nice about
it, including his staff I might say. Well, I certainly would recommend the Alexandria
Oral Surgery.

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