Bone Graft & Dental Implants in Atlanta GA: Woody | Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta

I had a toothache like I’ve never had before. The pain was just so great that we ended up
finding that there was actually a crack in the tooth. Dr. Shessel was absolutely wonderful, because
actually when I saw him, I was in dire pain, and I think he worked me in, because it was
an emergency – for me anyway. He was able to take the tooth out and put
the bone graft in and sew that up. Made me feel really, really comfortable. Dr. Aiken came in to help with the implant
a good about three to four months later after the bone graft had healed. Dr. Aiken was a doctor that actually made
you feel so at ease. They are really, really great – real professional
at what they do, and they seem to really minimize any after effects of the actual surgery. I definitely would recommend Oral Surgery
Specialists of Atlanta.

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