Bone Graft & Dental Implants in Fresno CA: Jan | Fresno Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

I came here because I was missing a good portion
of my teeth. I had to have them removed in my twenties. I just couldn’t afford dental care. So, I just left them alone, and at one point,
my current dentist said that if I didn’t get them replaced, that I was going to lose my
front teeth because they were starting to get loose. I had gone to a couple of other oral surgery
places, and the dentists there told me there was no way. They wouldn’t touch my mouth. When I came here and talked to Dr. K, he said
he was going to have to do a major sinus lift. He was going to do the dental implants at
the same time. Now, after the surgery, I feel great. I can chew. I can bite into things, and I can chew into
my food. I can’t recommend him enough. I tell everybody about him. He is just a sweetheart. He has done miracles. He really has.

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