Bone Graft & Tissue Graft in Franklin TN: Sharalee | Southern Oral & Facial Surgery

I came to see Dr. Clark because I’d had
a failed dental implant and I was looking for a second opinion to attempt a second one.
He established a treatment plan where we could rebuild some of the tissue by using my own
tissue to do a successful hopefully tissue graft, and then a bone graft to get more bone
density so that we could once again attempt an implant. I was nervous but I was desperate
enough to just hope that he would have a way that would work. Dr. Clark took the time to
review my case and he came back with confidence. It helped me knowing that he was also a medical
doctor and had lots of experience. I have now had a successful tissue and bone graft
and in a couple weeks we’ll be able to attempt the hopefully final implant. The staff here
at Southern Oral & Facial Surgery, very kind, very helpful and I’ve enjoyed when I worked
with them. I think they’re great, I recommend it!

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