Bone Grafting & Dental Implants in Conway AR: Phillip | Collins Oral & Facial Surgery

I needed braces when I was very young, and
I didn’t get them because I boxed and did karate and mixed martial arts and stuff. And
when I went to college, I worked as a bouncer getting through college. And I just didn’t
see the point in getting my teeth fixed. I had to have an implant, I had to have some…the
bone graft from the lower jaw, implant in the upper jaw. I had an eyetooth missing for
many years that caused my teeth to spread out on top. I consulted with him during that
time, and we did the implant. Just the idea of anesthesia, somebody cutting in my mouth,
makes me a little bit nervous. Dr. Collins is wonderful; he’s very personable. He is
very professional, and he is a perfectionist. If I move to California, I’ll come back to
have him do any kind of implants or anything like that.

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