Brain Injury Recovery [Fractured Skull] [Grace’s Story] (2016)

[Grace] Hi, guys, I’m Grace, and I fell off
a 20-foot ledge, and I landed on a rock, and I fractured my skull, and my brain was all
swollen and… Is that about it? [Nellie] I’m her mom, Nellie, and after she
fell onto her head, um, she was in the hospital for a couple of weeks, and then afterwards,
was really tired all of the time and having trouble finding words. And so her uncle had worked with Dr. Fong
in the past and was really impressed with the work that she wasdoing with concussions. And so we decided to come down and try and
fix Grace’s problems that she was having. And I’ve really seen an improvement in myself
after coming to Cognitive FX, and, um, everyone is super nice here and really supportive of
me and, um, I just… My, my score at the beginning was 3.6 and
now it, it’s down to below. It’s 0.9, and so it’s really been a great
improvement for me. I’m feeling much better and a lot less tired
since coming here, and I’ve been able to find words a lot better and just been able to function
better. So I’ve noticed that she’s not very tired
anymore, and she can go to activities with friends. Um, I was really worried about her starting
back to school, and now I’m not anymore. She seems like she can handle that and won’t
be as tired, and will be able to think more clearly and focus on things. And the, all of the different therapies that
they do here really work on her having attention and being able to focus on, um, lots of different
things and focus on, um, different ways to remember things. And so I think it’s been great. We’d highly recommend it. Yes, we would.

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