Bring the Crunch DLC – Part 1 | South Park The Fractured But Whole – Episode 48

Lake Tardicaca. Uh huh. [reads text] Final Girl? What even? This is just an abandoned gas station. Hello. K, you don’t wanna talk huh. They just drop me off here.
This is the worst place to be. Oh, there’s a thing in the back. [laughs] Uh huh. DLC bus. But I’m gonna huh. Ok, I guess I’m gonna lose my marbles. Yep. Yep, nice knowing ya. Everything is so haunted looking. And Butters apparently. On top of a trash can. Chaos! Lightning simulator? It’s literally just a flashlight. We’re gonna die. [laughs] Get outta the way. Uhh. Oh god. What is that? Mint-Berry Crunch. They’re like missing half a
face or I guess I should say it’s a half human half berry face. I don’t trust this berry. Scooby clues. We’re the Scooby Gang. Also that backpack is super bloody. Clearly something horrible happened here. Electrifying. Dude, there’s
like bloody handprints here. How’s that even possible? Why can’t I do that? Butters! Fine. Be that way. Is there anything on that side though? There’s a backpack there but that’s… not that way. I guess I gotta find some clues
before I go down that way. Are you looking for clues? Too late. Where did uh what’s-his-face went? Love how everything is so spooky. Is that a hammer? No wait, that’s an axe. Embedded in the fricking wall. It’s locked. We are in the forest already. Hello. Anybody still alive in here? Where does this go? Here maybe? Lake Tardicaca, cooking for the handicapped. Ok, there’s smudge everywhere. Fireside s’mores. K, that wasn’t very helpful at all. There’s so much stuff happening here. First… That. Wow, that’s very unsafe. Um. Why do I want to cause electricity to freeflow? Like what am I trying to set fire to? Well, let’s try to do that first. Ba-blam-ed it. Got some snacks. Which is a mission item apparently. And then… Not sure what’s supposed to happen there. Oh wait, the thing is still broken? Well well well. So will I get shocked if I um… walk onto that? Why did I set it off then? Doesn’t really make any sense? Uh, move it in. Is it in there? I feel like that’s where it’s supposed to go. Well, I jammed it in there somehow. Oh wait, hold up. Let’s knock that down first. I still don’t know why I… broke the thing. Wait, I can’t get up here. Dammit! Now the thing is blocking me. Are you for real? Are you for realsies? Then why is this like this?
Like what was the point of that? And I can’t– Oh geez! I can’t set it back so what’s up with that? Ouch. I hope this doesn’t hit me. It probably will. Oh, it didn’t hit me. K, strange. I don’t know why any of that was necessary. That’s probably wrong but
I can’t hit it on this side. Oh, there’s a fan here. Maybe? Ok, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening here. The fan is only for when you want to
change the daytime thing, isn’t it? There’s like a rat or something up here. I don’t know what’s happening at all. Ouch. Frick. Actually, hold up. Um um um. Is there anything– Is there
any point in coming up here? I don’t understand what’s happening. What if I stand here and… No, I can’t do that. Literally don’t know what’s going on. K, let’s walk up here. And do something? I don’t know. Is that really what I was coming up here for? That’d be so irritating. I don’t know what’s
happening here. I’m leaving. There’s this thing. Can’t grab it so I’m just gonna blow it up. Secrets. Alright Butters, what’s in here? It’s locked though. Down where? It’s locked too. Ok, so will you help me cross this thing now? Now it works. Now that someone found a hint I guess. Did you find a clue? I have many doubts. So guys, what do your eyes see? What? Why would they bury empty paint cans? Monsters? Oh good god. This escalated very fast. Mintberry crunch. What can you do? Alright, let’s get on with the beating ups. Getting a tutorial. Cleanse and mint allies, berry foes. What? Select flavor burst with B. Uhh… What do you–? What? Select and then L to target ally. What?! Ok, I select it and then I select an ally. And what? Ally AND enemy? What?! Yea, what are you doing? Berry and mint. What does that mean? Am I like invincible against them
or some crap? That’s weird. Ok. Interesting. They’re literally just people in costumes. Alright, so it’s like you can make your
ally invincible against one enemy. Which can be useful. Mint status effect also cleanses, while
berry partially protects non-minted allies. What? Can you not make this so complicated? Cleanse and mint. Deal damage, berry, and knockback. Ok, what do you want me to do? Not letting you attack my berry friend. Gonna punch this clown. No clowns allowed here. It’s so easy to attack them.
They’re all just standing there. Oh my god. What is that? Mint all allies, damage and berry all foes. So mint is like protection and berry
is like attacking or some crap. Truly the weirdest superhero ever. Stop bringing Bootay in here! Stay outta the forest! Why are you here?! Apparently. Chase us all down to the fricking forest. Oh no, it’s running time again. Good lord. Lordy lord. So much running. Hey, is that a fricking plastic knife? Good god. [chuckles] Killing– Oh, let’s run. Ahhhh. Wait, there’s no… There’s no timer. Hmm, strange. Well in that case, I am gonna… Wait, is that the move? Yea. Wait. That. Wait, hmm? That’s not the right move. Right? Oh. It just works by itself? Ok sure, whatever. Yea, yea, yea. I guess it’s a telegraphed attack now.
There’s no more timer which I hate the timer anyway so. What the hell is that? Nope, canceling that. Wait, am I standing in front of
the dude? I think I am, right? Can’t remember. If it’s not then, lame. Oh I’m not standing in front. Well, lame. Punch you for no reason. Just because. It’s gonna take us five-ever to
run there ‘cause we’re so slow. Give them a hug. I don’t like physical contact especially from you. Oh geez, run, run, run. Oh boy. What? Get berried. Creep. For Chaos. Oh boy. [chuckles] Fools! Hate that we walk so slow. Oh I can’t, only do it straight on. Woah, what?! Oh my god! Son of a gun, can’t believe you did that. “Why do you hate breakfast?” Oh well. Bye Butters.

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