Can You Reverse Kidney Disease?

That’s a question many times asked. They say,
“Doctor, there are so many people who can get a pill to get this cure, even to
cure cancer, right? I hate to tell people that there is very little, once the
kidney is damaged, that we can do.” We are born with two kidneys,
some of us born with one, but when we were born with our kidneys, we have a
definite number of viable tissues – cells that work. So
when we cause damage in it, this, the kidney cells do not regenerate.
It’s like, liver does a better job of regenerating, but kidneys don’t. So
you wipe out a number of cells because of your disease, then
you will have to work with the rest, and and that’s when people come to us, they
say “Why this is so important for us to educate and talk about things early.” All diseases we need to talk early, but especially in kidney disease, because
once you damage so many so many cells we cannot we cannot reverse it. The only
thing we can do is prevent further harm from happening. So we can catch things
early then we will still have a chance to do that.

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