CBHI – How important is the Role of Calcium in Our Body?

how important is the role of calcium in
our body calcium is our vital life force important physiological processes like
muscle contraction and neural conduction depend on the adequate level of calcium
in our body calcium allows a cardiac muscle to
properly contract and relax pumping blood throughout the body to supply
tissues with oxygen and nutrients and to remove carbon dioxide and other wastes
at the cellular level calcium triggers signal cascade to
important cellular functions DNA replication cell division mitochondrial
function and neurotransmission are conducted properly through calcium
signaling the deposited calcium is continuously drawn from the bones as a
reserve to carry out the essential bodily functions however as we age calcium is absorbed
and utilized less by our body this results in bones becoming porous
weak and more vulnerable to fracture chronic diseases such as osteoporosis
diabetes cardiovascular disease cancer and Alzheimer’s disease can occur when
calcium homeostasis is imbalanced and disrupted although many available
treatments promise to prevent and treat calcium related diseases the optimal
solution remains undiscovered until now calcium and bone Health Institute cbhi
has been a groundbreaking discovery with its revolutionary SAC formulation
technology founded in 2001 Canada CBHI collaborates with researchers and
organizations from around the world with a mission to improve our bone health
the SAC formulation technology is exclusive to CBHI and many scientific
studies and testimonials supports that SAC formulation technology can
naturally increase bone mineral density and lead to optimal body function
without any profound adverse effects CBHI is committed and the further
research and development of the SAC formulation technology that will change
the world we promise to use our revolutionary SAC formulation
technology to serve and provide hope for those suffering from any calcium related

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