CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – Bill: Smoking and Diabetes Don’t Mix

True, the 15-year-old kid
I once was didn’t think about
what would happen to you when you get older, with the
effects of smoking and diabetes. I was a young kid, was healthy. You know, you don’t think
about that kind of stuff when you’re that young. When you get older is when you
find out the real deal. It was the one stupid thing
I wish I could take back. [Sighs] Didn’t quit
till after I was almost 40. And that was after I lost my leg. [Sighs] Lost a lot of time
because of that stupid stuff. And being diabetic. I mean, after everything
went wrong with my body and my health, I mean, it’s the hard lesson
to learn, but I’m glad I quit and I’ve still got something
to show for it. I didn’t lose everything,
thank God. I lost plenty — put my wife,
my family, my kids through a whole bunch. I know I did. I’m Bill Busse,
and I did quit smoking. I know you can quit, too.

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