Chew Toy Training – 7 Ways To Train Your Dog To Like Chew Toys – Professional Dog Training Tips

there are lots of uses for chew toys in
your training as well as in your adult dog’s life whether you’re redirecting
that puppy away from something that you don’t want them to chew and replacing it
with a chew toy that you do want them to chew or you’re giving your dog a safe
toy that they can have when you aren’t able to supervise them today we’re going
to talk about chew toy training for those dogs who don’t naturally love to
chew I’m Ken Steepe and welcome back to McCann dogs teaching your dog to enjoy
chewing a can have all kinds of benefits for some of the reasons that we
mentioned earlier but if you have a dog who doesn’t enjoy chewing the first
thing I want you to do is make sure that you’ve got an appropriately sized chew
toy now I went and picked up one of these Nylabone essentials chew toys at
our local pet store and this would be for one of our bigger dogs you know
Deegan our black lab or you know some of our border collie would probably enjoy
chewing on this it’s also going to be a little bit safer for them the worst
thing you can do is buy a chew toy that’s too small for your dog dogs have
such great bite pressure that they can really damage their teeth if you get
them too small of a chew toy but this might be a little bit big for like hippy
shake if you shake doesn’t naturally like to chew very much and it’s
something that we’ve worked with her on and this toy wouldn’t be if I were
introducing this to a small dog this wouldn’t be the size of toy that I would
choose now as I mentioned there are different flavors that you can get this
one’s actually chicken flavored and I know I’ve seen all kinds of different
flavors out there in fact there’s actually a pizza nylon Bone chew toy
that I saw for dogs that look pretty cool and if I were a dog I think that’s
the one I would choose now something else you can try if you have a dog who
doesn’t really like to enjoy chewing is to get a different density of to bone
now this one’s a little bit softer it’s a wag where you know I’ll post a link in
the description below if you guys want to check this one out specifically but
you can see it’s just a little bit it’s not quite as hard and this will allow
that dog who doesn’t really isn’t gratified by the chewing chewing our
harder bone to start to get the Flex off of something like this and it may entice
them to chew a little bit more now we all know somebody who has a dog who
chewed up their shoes or who ate a soccer who got into the dirty laundry
hamper and there’s a good reason for that we all know the dogs have a very
heightened sense of smell and when they’re investigating these things those
items that smell like you are of particular importance to them so you can
actually take advantage of that and you can make that chew toy smell like
you and there’s a couple of options I mean not like this but all joking aside
if you were to you know put that chew toy under your armpit after you went to
the yoga studio or you or just came back from the gym or maybe if you’re Canadian
you can toss it in your hockey bag I couldn’t find my hockey helmet now I’m
gonna escape though having these new and interesting smells on the chew toy may
be the thing that entices your dog to engage with it now when you first bring
these toys home they’re actually really smooth and your dog’s goal is going to
be to take tiny little flecks off of the two toys so what you can do to you know
help make it a little bit easier for your dog if they don’t necessarily like
to chew is roughen the surface any rough surface will do but that’s going to make
it a little bit easier for your dog to be gratified by the chewing on the bone
if you’ve jump-started the process just a little bit for those of you in a multi
dog household giving that chew toy initially to one of the other dogs is
often a good way to create some interest you know the dog your dog really
understands at that point that it’s a resource that they probably want so take
advantage of that and give the toy to one of your other dogs who likes to chew
before giving it to your dog who isn’t necessarily interested in it treat that
chew toy like something of value if this is left out on the ground all the time
so that my dog always has access to it it becomes much less interesting but if
I only bring it out when we’re hanging out on the couch watching a movie or
when you know he he or she wants to engage with it then it becomes a little
bit more interesting and it could really help you to entice your dog to engage
with something like this if they think they’ve got limited time access to it
from puppies all the way up to senior dogs chewing is a really natural
behavior and whether you’re using it as a pastime to alleviate boredom or you’re
using it for training maybe you’re redirecting them away from something
that you don’t want your dog to chew and you’re replacing it with something that
you do want to chew or you’re just trying to maintain good dental health
for your dog these two toys can be a really really useful tool so make sure
you take advantage of what you learn today in in the training now if this is
your first time on the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button we publish
new videos every single week to help you to have a well-behaved four-legged
family member that video beside me is actually a video about teaching your dog
to love playing with toys and you talk turn on the channel about how that’s a
really nice way to engage with them on that note I’m Ken thanks for watching
happy training

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  1. So my new dog keeps chewing on my furniture. Destroying my couches, I have a bunch of bones around the house my other dog chews on that he'll ocasiounly chews on but not much. I even bought him a bone from a butcher shop and had no interest to it(covered in meet). My wife is getting upset as am I. We walk him and hes constantly playing with my other dog but he's still destroying stuff. Sometimes in the middle of playing with my other dog.

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