COD Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC 4 Fracture Gameplay

COD Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC 4 Fracture Gameplay what’s up guys Korea’s crazy acres are
planted airplane could you bundle for recommend the OC foreign newspapers
could fracture now and seven me do in it playing with box
so much ego online and showing you what it’s like now I did
say it like in my last one on the SE three that when I pound line i
dial now actually it wasn’t like Hitachi point
was now as you can see that was a long shot kill coming relieve watching on kill like that local guy around our aids
actually easy online is better than playing reball hi I can
leave at year’s end as but yeah so I playing online fag end and is actually really fun that about the map
it in a snowy area the revolution in it starts around five
minutes after the game Taylor basically he got
ten minutes of the game and when it comes down to the counter
Cornell say five minutes and something just after five minutes and 30 seconds
you see the hell such shake around on the edge in the map will happen is
there will be a revolution where the ice will crack and some other cause will fall into the
actual water assumedly light low I’ll into a crate such as think so if you’re stuck on I
like a liar you can’t jump you’re basically bucket or you can
self-destructing gallon that’s the only way in the ads is survived like you saw
in the actual trade as well but really good local campus massage can
see the Rocco camp in corners never really know is them because the
Brandon ready they just like her lights now I don’t
know if there is interest rate on campus there are these lights are on the map
and two there in seven different spot and you can see them any blow up now
this is the real anyone’s i’ve seen a moment other ones
by the actual ice like clips I since you are shooting
right now but as the ice cliff now all those lights on that now they could possibly mean there is a
strike that I can and a song in the game all its to activate the revolution all I
know is that when I didn’t shoot them their evolution so when of so it could be just a random lights just
been placed and the reason why or a community strike some now are you
asking on this map you like it or if you don’t and let me know what you think will be
in Black 3 the map do you think we’re gonna get even more
better map summing is only six I’m will be up loans on me later on so you get
eyes actually get to see the actual zombies
on here it’s really good it’s actually someone averaging about
black ops 2 because black ops 2 was meant to happen under water map but never had it and now we have a
underwater map on zombies for vans warfare now long as a model for
is goodbye just don’t like The Exorcist on something is just too much for them
is cuz the flat you and get kill you won’t get you killed really
deputies must lie but on skype morton called you a bunch for
five years and be doing don’t get horny did lies and Emily gushing and that
fifteen thousand subscribers if being pushed to 16,000 binders week
or next week I’ll be autumn good luck to 15146 at amazing we’re going up so fast or you guys as
carpenters thank you guys also keeping our supporters as or some
and to see you guys my next could you give us well for video
by the that

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