Complications of diabetes – why managing your diabetes is so important

Why do we manage diabetes, why do you have to manage high blood sugar? We manage high blood sugar
because high blood sugar can lead to symptoms like feeling very tired, very lethargic, having
no energy at all, going to the toilet several times, feeling thirsty all the time and quite
a common symptom would be to develop thrush and itchiness and soreness in the genital
areas. These are the symptoms of diabetes, but blood sugars have to be very high to have these symptoms but high blood sugars can often be asymptomatic – that means you may not have symptoms. We know from large clinical trials
that up to ten to twelve years some people can have diabetes without knowing they have
diabetes, and what happens to these people is that the high blood sugars being undetected
go on causing damage to the different organs of the body and that’s why it’s important
to treat diabetes to reduce the risk of complications. We know that ten percent of the NHS budget
is taken up by diabetes care, and of that, seventy percent is being taken up to treat
complications of diabetes, it’s not the early stages of diabetes or the medications
of diabetes that are expensive, but it’s the management of the complications from diabetes
that’s very challenging, not only to the individual who’s suffering the complications
but also it is taking up a lot of the NHS budget, so you can very well understand how expensive it is and how it can impact of an individual’s life as well. Diabetes can affect your eyes, your kidneys and your feet. These are the three main areas
which diabetes can affect, and, of course, it can affect your heart, can affect the brain
through the circulation and obviously it is a major risk factor for developing heart problems,
causing a stroke, whereas the other three complications are mainly due to diabetes whereas
these complications can be compounded by the fact that people have made lifestyles choices
like smoking and not doing enough exercise so these things can compound the problem in
the management of diabetes. Therefore lifestyle intervention is an important cornerstone for the management of diabetes and reducing the risk of long term complications.

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