Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] Health
Break is brought to you by HCA Virginia Health System. – A lot of us look and feel healthy, but heart disease can
be developing silently. Dr. Reza Omarzai, John
Randolph Medical Center explains how a CT scan of the heart can be a valuable test for
people with no symptoms. – A CT coronary scan actually
measures very precisely the buildup of calcium, gives you a score, and tells you is there plaque, is there calcium there or not. – [Amy] Plaque buildup
can cause chest pain or acute coronary syndromes. This test has been life
saving for many people. – This allowed them to be diagnosed with severe coronary artery disease even before they developed symptoms and before they had an
infarction or even death. – For more information
or a physician referral, call 804-320-DOCS. For Health Break, I’m Amy Watson. – [Announcer] Health Break
was brought to you by HCA Virginia Heath System.

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