Danner Pumpguard Cleans All The Calcium And Buildup On The Pumps

So I understand there�s a new product in
the market for you, guys. It�s called Pumpguard. What is this all about? Pumpguard is a product that originated out
of Virginia shipyards. The Navy, when they bring the ships up, they needed something
that was marine safe to clean the ships propellers and whatnot, so this product will take a pump
when it has deposits on it build up, and the pump is not running as well. You can take
it, submerge it in, sets air bubbles for a while, and you can take it out, rinse it off.
It cleans all the calcium and buildup on the pumps. You can also run it through your lines,
between your lines out with it, so it�s a great new product coming out. It�s totally
biodegradable, California label, fish and plant safe. Okay. You just need to rinse it off. Also we�re
coming out with a spray formula for hard surfaces so free reservoirs and whatnot. When you get
the calcium buildup, spray it on, let it sit, and you just wipe it off, so it�s very easy
to use. Awesome!

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