Dental Extraction, Bone Graft & Implant in Atlanta GA: Donna | Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta

I came to Dr. Shessel to have a dental implant. I was very onerous because I’ve had nothing
wrong with my teeth, but he calmed me down. He’s so gentle and so you weren’t afraid to
ask questions. He just has a wonderful demeanor. From the time he put even the implant in before
they did the tooth, it just was comfortable. Dr. Shessel’s wonderful. You could tell how well liked he was by the
staff. You didn’t get nervous because he’s not the
nervous type. It was just excellent. I didn’t think it would be the way it was. I don’t even know where the implant is now. It feels like my natural tooth. I would highly recommend Dr. Shessel to anyone
– a child, an adult. Anyone who needs oral surgery of some time,
I’d recommend him.

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