Dental Implants & Bone Graft in Oklahoma City, OK: David | Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma

Well, my regular dentist said that I’d cracked
a tooth, and there were several different ways I could go about getting this fixed,
and one of them was an implant, and he recommended Dr. Jeremy Goodson. So, when I met Dr. Goodson, his calm demeanor
settled me down, and by the time you’re through, you go, “Okay, this is the guy
to do the job for me.” When he walked in, he started asking me questions
about me, instead of about the procedure, and I think that adds for the very comfort
level that you would have with any doctor. I think it just makes for a very good experience. It did for me. It really did work well. There’s very little pain in mind, and this
is the third one I’ve had. I’d strongly recommend that you give Dr.
Goodson a chance to prove his skills to you, and I think you’ll be extremely happy.

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