Dental Implants & Bone Graft in Santa Maria CA: Harry | Coastal Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center

I had lost some teeth in the back of my mouth
so I was restricted on the level of my smile, so I was kind of smiling like this. And now
let her fly because I have nothing – it’s beautiful. I think his work is just great.
The process of implants is not something you do overnight. He was so thorough and convincing
that I had everything I needed when I left the office. I feel like a friend has been
performing these procedures on me, and he really cares. It’s more than just a piece
of business to him; this guy is the real deal. Well I would recommend to all my friends Dr.
Pitrowski; I don’t care if you live South of Santa Barbara or you’re North of Paso,
this is a big deal and it’s certainly worth the drive, a few miles to get to this level
of expertise and caring and friendly attitude. You can’t beat this.

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