Dental Implants in Flint MI: Calvin | Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons & Dental Implant Center

My doctor – I’ve been with him for years – so
I asked him…you know he told me pretty much what I needed to do, and that was the bone
implant. So, him being the guy he is, I asked him: “Give me the best place to go, and the
best person you know to do the work.” So he suggested Dr. Lesneski here. I was terrified;
you know you hear so many things about, you know, drilling into your bone. But once I
got here, they made me feel totally comfortable before the procedure. Dr. Lesneski did two
implants; they gave me pain medication for after the procedure, but I didn’t even take
it. He called me, actually, after he did the procedure to check on me. That’s rare, and
it’s a great experience, and I would pass it on for anybody who considers that procedure
going forward in the future to consider this place. It’s really good.

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