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Hi, I’m Oliver and I’m about to show you
and explain what it’s like to have Type 1 diabetes On the blood It is frankly quite draining it just takes up most of your mind so you don’t really have much to do about anything else. So, there’s no apparent reason for that. You’ll think you got it cracked then just something comes along and it will just throw everything out and you’ve got a restart all over again He’s scared and doesn’t feel
that he could cope with living with his diabetes and school and said it all
just feels too too much and too overwhelming. It’s okay to not be okay
and we all have days that just aren’t so good and you just go ‘meh’ and it’s okay
to have those days. Emotional support could be very useful because well we’re gonna need it at some point, we all break at some point. So Oliver came home from school with a letter saying he wanted to go to Iceland. That’s good, definitely very good that we were out for hours at a time. What I’ve been able to focus my
skills on getting my blood sugars to be okay while doing those things. As he’s growing up he’s got to learn to take care of himself, to keep himself safe and
well and manage his diabetes independently. And Oliver had an
amazing time, no issues at all during the trip. I think that having emotional
counselling would be good so in basically a little place to go and
just let off a little bit steam and talk about what’s been going on. I want my
child to have the same opportunities as I want my child to have the same opportunities as any child. You have to be resilient to be
able to stand strong and say actually you know because it’s been like this that doesn’t need to be like that all the time. Thank you very much

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  1. I don't get why people are still using finger pricking – I became Type 1 two years ago so I immediately bought a Butterfly touch pricker which is completely painless used just above the knee. I watched my Mom finger prick everyday for years so I didn't want to go through that.

  2. IN Short:

    * It appears that there is a strong link between 'Oxidizing Bleaching Agents' and Diabetes.*

    My Gosh… I actually dont know where to start and where to stop….

    However I'll try to say it all in 1 paragraph ok!

    3 Main sources of contamination are:
    1) Drinking Water  (such as Chlorine, Chloramine, Bromine, Chlorine dioxide, Ozone etc…)
    2) Food (and drinks)  (bleaching agents are very common in the food industry such as Chlorine dioxide, Sodium ChloritTe and many others. White flours, white salt, milk, white sugar are contaminants. Meat such as chichen and beef etc are often disinfected with 'Sodium ChloritTe' – a powerful bleaching and anti-microbial agent.  
    3) Household disinfectants such as washing powders, Bleach, soaps and many others.

    These 'Chlorine' based chemicals are highly oxidative, water soluble, corrosive and readily react with organic compounds to form TOXIC by-products that are capable of accumulating in cell membranes. 

    * Apparently Blood levels of these TOXIC compounds accumulate much more easily when exposed VIA the SKIN for example via bathing, washing or breathing in, than via direct oral consumption. . 

    Alloxan, a 'white Crystaline substance' – is '1' such toxic compound and basically once the body breaks it down, it is simply REABSORBED back into the original substance again. (It's an equilibrium chemical reaction).  

    This is all for now!!!

    Bless YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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