3 thoughts on “Diabetes Basics: Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia”

  1. I went from having blood sugar levels from 400-600 down to below 70 seems I always have to eat candy cause I'm not hungry enough to eat continuously. Don't know how this happened but my a1c went from 9 to 5.

  2. It is really hard cause even before I had my son in 2002 I had already started having problems and i told my mom and she did nothing for to get proper treatment now at 38 I'm still untreated and still in this horrible cycle can't find a good Doctor pluse i have low blood pressure it runs in the low 50's 60's I was diagnose with epilepsy a 2013 I have blurred vision they say i have optic nerve damage and glaucoma so I'm just in need of help does anyone know of a good glucose doctors in the las vegas area. Please help me

  3. At first, I was also confused between the two words.

    "Hyp-" is greek for Latin "sub" and "Hyper" is greek for Latin "super". This can be easily memorised because greek 'h' sometimes becomes 's' in Latin. And there was no 'y' pronunciation in Latin. So, if you substitute 'h' with 's' and 'y' with u', hyp becomes sup (=sub), hyper becomes super.

    Hyperglycaemia: super much glucose
    Hypoglycaemia: sub normal glucose.

    Now I never get confused.

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