Diabetes mellitus 1 and 2

A poem about diabetes mellitus. Type 1 and Type 2 There once was a pancreas sad and alone
and pancreatic cells damaged and unwhole. It’s a group diseases with levels of glucose increased. In short, it’s what we all call”DIABETES” In DM type I, there’s what we call the 3P’s. Polyuria(Excessive urination) Polydipsia(Excessive Thirst) and Polyphagia(Excessive Hunger), peeps! Oh! And also Weight loss Nausea and Vomiting and fatigue There’s 1,2, and 3 but, we’ll only be focusing on two of these. With impaired insulin secretion and Mr. Insulin resisting to any reaction Dm type 2, also has these(symptoms) and plenty more, still including fatigue. If your child or you are experiencing all these, I’m sorry to say, but you may have DIABETES people may not inherit this disease, but, there’s a tendency to a development of DIABETES Genetics Immunologic components Viruses or Toxins These are a few of the causes You may have just known these, I bet! So wait! Stop! Don’t pause it yet! However,worry not! ’cause we have some TIPS Check out these guidelines to help lessen the risk. Your health is important What you eat is what you become We all know how sugar can be taunting But, are you sure you really need some? We also have a list of people at risk Check the criteria, be aware if your health is at risk! We used to not know Not to have a clue at all Better to be safe now Than to be sorry later on Hey there! So, we thank you guys for watching our video! Don’t forget to hit the like button down below Give this video a thumbs up if you guys liked it and hit subscribe. Yes! Do hit subscribe to our channel. So, we thank you again God bless and Goodbye.=) We’d like to thank our clinical instructor, Sir Jyvan Rey Sabayo!For making this happen=D

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