6 thoughts on “Diabetes: Progress and Promise in Stem Cell Research”

  1. I'm type 1 and am all for stem cell research! Diabetes sucks and it's essential that embryonic stem cell research is brought to the attention of all diabetics who are unaware. I hold a lot of hope in this X

  2. We couldn't agree more. Please spread the word about this work by sharing the video with your social media circles. Best wishes to you!

  3. Hi Lydia, yes 60 Minutes did an excellent job reporting firsthand on an unfortunate problem in the stem cell field: clinics all over the world advertising unproven therapies at great cost to the patient and at great profit to the clinic. The type 1 diabetes research described in this video is working to bring its novel stem cell therapy to clinic trials in order to rigorously demonstrate the therapy's safety and effectiveness.

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