Diabetes – Which is the best cooking oil for diabetic patients?

Which is the best cooking oil for diabetic patients? – Tamil Health Tips Now- a days many people are affected by Diabetes Diabetic patients should be very careful about the food you take For example the vegetables, Fruits and the oil you use for cooking But many of us, use the oil which is good for heart So we are going to watch what type oil should be used by Diabetic patients Rice bran oil has the power to reduce the cholesterol level As it is rich in antioxidants it strengthens your immune power,increases energy and friendly to heart. Coconut oil is not only good for hair and skin but also for Diabetic patients If we add coconut oil in our food it helps in digestion and prevents storage of Fat in our body All of us know that olive oil is good for heart. Diabetic patients also can use this oil as it regulates the insulin secretion It lowers the excess sugar level in the blood Blended oil is the oil sold by mixing various oils This blended oil safeguards our heart It improves the overall total body health It contains more amount of Fatty acids mixture. As it contains Vitamin A, D, E nutrients Cholesterol gets diluted and absorbed quickly by the body

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  1. wow great effort ya.I'm already subscribed you channel its remedies awesome guys…thank you

  2. Best oil is unrefined gingelly,coconut,groundout oil etc.refined oil contain paraffin,mineral oil.Olive oil is good.But only when it is raw.don't use for cooking or frying.use it in salads.

  3. Thanks for the info. If people cannot find pure sekku oils use filtered oils. They are better than refined oils. Refined oils are treated oils, heated so much that the nutritional value is lost and preservatives are added to avoid decay due to the low quality seeds used in the process

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