Diabetic Alert Dog Feature: Camdyn’s Story

(gentle music) – Camdyn is my son. He’s 11 years old. He was diagnosed with Type
1 diabetes when he was six. He actually adjusted really
well in the very beginning. I think because of his age, and that’s what they thought too,
because he was younger, that it would be a little
bit easier for him. He did a great job for
the first year and a half to two years, and then it all
kind of hit him afterwards, and then he started to feel different. – I think he started to close
off and really feel like I’m alone, nobody else knows what I’m going through, and stuff like that so it was, there was a rough period where, you know we had to do some counseling
and stuff like that. – He started to get
pretty depressed, actually around third grade, and he actually had some suicidal thoughts for awhile there, and said some things
about harming himself. The last year that we had Bindi has made a really big difference. He’s been a lot happier. He does still have rough days, but when he has rough days,
now, he goes to Bindi. She kinda helps make him smile again. – Bindi is a diabetic alert service dog. It’s been pretty cool seeing how a dog can change my life. – I was very skeptical pretty
much all the way up until I saw the dog and saw living
proof that like, okay, this actually exists and it is a thing, and the dog can sense it,
and the dog will alert to it. It’s pretty amazing, actually. She alerted almost immediately. – Within our first week alone with her, after the trainer left, Camdyn was outside playing
basketball in the driveway, and Bindi was in the house with me, and she just started jumping on me, and finally I was like, okay. I’ll get him in and we’ll
check his blood sugar, so I had him come in and
I checked and he was 32. He had no clue, still out
there playing basketball. If he would have kept going, and she wouldn’t have alerted me, he probably wouldn’t be here today. Within the first week, she saved his life, so, she’s pretty amazing, (laughs). – It’s a relief having
her with her abilities to be able to let us know. You know, we really rely on her, and especially when we had a
CGM, she was far more accurate. – Bindi alerts all from scent. She can smell two football fields. I can be in the house and they
can be way up down the street and Bindi could still smell me. Just being a service dog and, like having to do
all that hard training with her scent, makes her pretty smart. – The quality of training
that she showed up here with was outstanding, and not to
mention the follow up visits that we’ve had, you know,
with the trainers at SDWR. They’ve been great. Just the amount of things, like
how fast she picks things up and how fast she learns things, you can (laughs) really tell that a lot of training and
a lot of work went into her. – Yeah, a few of the things that stood out when we were looking for an organization to get a service dog from
was the continued training. The continued training
that you get from them, you know, the visits
every three months or so was really important to me. You wanna know that what you’re doing and the way that you’re
handling it is right, and if you have a problem
with anything or questions, you want to be able to
reach out and get help, and they were always there to do that. And that was one of the
things that drew us to them and why we picked SDWR
for Camdyn’s service dog. Bindi has made a huge difference, and Camdyn, he’s so much happier with her, and knowing that she’s
always there with him is very comforting.

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  1. i really want a diabetic service dog but my mom isn’t for it because she doesn’t think they’re necessary. otherwise the rest of my family believes i should get one so they’ll know i’m alright when i go to college.

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