9 thoughts on “Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes | Then & Now”

  1. Thank you so much Brittany for this video. I was just diagnosed as a Type 1 (LADA) seven months ago. I was treated as a Type 2 for the past 10 years and ended up in the Emergency room with DKA. Still learning.

  2. What an awesome story! I was diagnosed 7 days after my 11th birthday and am 27 now. I completely understand the struggles associated with having to grow up with a condition that no one else in my family shared. It was extremely difficult to accept the fact that I was "different" as a teenager, but I am happy to say that after I made it through high school, I was determined to take better care of myself and have had "normal" A1Cs for several years now (thanks to my pump!). Thank you again for sharing your story. We don't have to feel alone!

  3. I've been following The Diabetic Journey for a long time. Thanks for sharing this lovely story! You're an inspiration.

  4. Same story but I went to er 2 times once they said stomach flu did no test went back next week they did test bs was 712

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. Your mom was looking out for you. And the doctors and nurses looked out for you. Medical science saved you, not some magical being that isn't supported by anything we know other than belief. If you believe that 'somebody magical' was looking out for you, then you'd also have to believe that 'somebody magical' isn't looking out for all of the children who suffer and die simply because they got misdiagnosed or live in poor conditions where they can't get access to medical help. Question everything, including the validity of believing things just because it feels good to believe without thinking. Think. It's better.

  6. I was diagnosed with T1D December 20rh of 2016 at age 15 and I'm 18 now and living life to the fullest and I'm in the process of getting the tslim x2 insulin pump and I was misdiagnosed serval times from around Thanksgiving to Christmas break and I was diagnosed during Christmas and I was in DKA and everyone including the doctors at egleston hospital for children at Emory was surprised how I was still alive I was all most dead when I was diagnosed

  7. My favorite T1D joke – I inject myself with something that would kill you haha. I had pre-diabetes for a few years which was odd to my endo I was sent to that I just got a visit from and when I would have an asthma attack I would jump over 300. Watching this video from my spacious hospital bed. I got luckier then most of the stories I have watched today that I got to experience Friends for Life a few times and have been around other type ones for about 5 years just getting to learn and go to all these events.

  8. I was diagnosed at the age of 5, December 13,2004, had all the same symptoms, believed it started in November as well as being sick constantly as a child, my family had a friend with type 1 diabetes as well so we went to his place, over 33.3ml (Canadian) went to our local hospital then transported to Cheo in an ambulance, I was set on a slide and scale for 7 years and then moved and was changed to ratios thru pens, now luckily am on a pump for the past 3 years

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